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What Are the Many Advantages of Blackout Shades?

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Blackout ShadesIf you have ever been woken up early on a relaxing weekend because light was filtering through your curtains, you know one of the main advantages of blackout shades.  These opaque window coverings offer extreme light control by not letting any light pass through them.  They can be fabricated in a variety of materials and can be customized to match your décor so that they are functional and stylish in your home.

  • Waking up naturally with the sun may help regulate your sleep patterns, but for most people, having a set sleep schedule is the most effective way of ensuring that you get the most amount of rest each week.  You might rise early during the week and plan to get a few extra hours on the weekend.  With blackout shades, you can prevent the light exposure that wakes you up early and disrupts much-needed sleep.


  • Getting to bed at a certain time doesn’t guarantee an easy time falling asleep either.  Light that comes from streetlamps, signs, and passing vehicles can prevent you from drifting off as they can be jarring during your resting time.  For medical personnel and other shift workers, blackout shades also allow for better sleep during the daytime hours when they need to rest to prepare for working at night.


  • Many blackout shades also are effective for noise reduction.  The same materials that prevent unwanted light from entering your home can absorb sounds that disrupt sleep and relaxation.  For shift workers, light sleepers, and anyone seeking rest time, the added quiet is another welcome advantage of installing this type of window covering.


  • When it comes to privacy, there is also no match for blackout shades.  In the same way that they block external light, they also prevent light from inside the house from being seen.  This is particularly useful during nighttime when there is more light inside than outside your home.


  • For babies and young children blackout shades can lead to more restful naps, especially for those who resist napping in rooms that are more brightly lit.  During the summer months, when their bedtime often occurs while it is still light outside, you can create a better environment for sleep as well.


  • Keeping a room cool and dark is one of the best ways to create the ideal sleep environment. But there are advantages to blackout shades beyond the bedroom as well. Temperature control during the day is also a great benefit of blackout shades.  This form of light control can prevent the heat that comes from heavy direct sunlight during the day, which you want to avoid during the summer.  In the winter months, blackout shades can keep heat from escaping.  Keeping your house more energy efficient can save you money on utility bills and help you regulate indoor temperatures.


  • Have you ever been watching a movie or TV and been distracted by glare coming from outside light?  With extreme light control, you can create the feel of a movie theater in your own home whether you actually have a media room or are watching in your living room or family room.


  • Whether you are focused on saving money by insulating your rooms and decreasing your utility bills, getting a better night’s rest for you and your children, or increasing the level of privacy in your home, blackout shades have a number of advantages.  Once you have customized them to match your style, they can be an attractive and functional upgrade to your décor.

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