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How to Update The Exterior Look of The Home

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Window AwningNow that spring is here, homeowners are turning their attention to the exterior of their homes.  With the harsh winter over, everyone is ready to head outside and enjoy parties, dinners with family and friends, and spend some time relaxing in their yard.  Spending all of that time outside is sure to lead any homeowner to notice things that they may want to improve about the outdoor spaces adjacent to their homes.  While major home construction and landscape projects require much planning, the option of incorporating awnings into your New York City home design has many practical and decorative benefits.

Everyone wants a beautiful home that blends in with our neighborhood while being distinct at the same time. Awnings are perfect for modern homes as well as traditional styles, and they come in two main types.  Ones that can be opened and closed manually are know as propulsive awnings, as opposed to the retractable type that use a motor.  In addition to adding curb appeal to your home, both types of awnings can protect your windows and doors from the elements, and they can be designed with features that prevent themselves from being damaged.  Automatic styles can be fitted with sensors that cause them to open or close in response to weather or light changes.  They open when the sun is out, but close when it is cloudy or nighttime as well as during periods of heavy rain and wind.  The advantage to such features includes the decreased risk of damage, as high winds and stormy weather can destroy your new coverings.

Generally awnings are made of canvas from cotton, polyester, or acrylic yarn stretched over an aluminum or steel frame.  As they tend to be durable and strong, acrylic and acrylic-coated fabrics are a popular choice that allows light to filter through while preventing heat from becoming trapped.  There is a wide range of options for color, and stripes tend to be a popular pattern for those who would prefer not to use a solid fabric.

With many design options and features, awnings can customize windows, entrance doors, porches, and patio spaces.  When guests come to visit your New York City home, you can welcome them with a clearly marked front walkway leading up to an inviting front door area complete with an awning that matches the look and feel of your home.  Some homeowners opt for styles that blend perfectly with their existing exterior color scheme, while others may wish to use an awning as a way to add color or create a dramatic focal point.  The covering also serves a practical purpose of protecting visitors from the sun and rain.

Using awnings as a decorative option for windows is another way to transform your home’s exterior.  Windows that overhang a patio area can be dressed up to add visual interest to outdoor spaces and some sun protection if your outdoor furniture is arranged in a way that allows for people to sit underneath.  Even if you have a porch, awnings can provide additional shade to maximize your comfort.  Since they don’t rely on poles or view-obstructing frames, they allow for maximum visibility that allows you to enjoy your surroundings, which is particularly desirable for summer homes or anyone with a gorgeous view that should not be blocked.

Whether you decide to use awnings over your front door, windows, or outdoor spaces adjacent to the home, they expand your living space.  Compared to most exterior projects, they are cost-effective and stylish updates that can distinguish your home and reflect your style.

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