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How to Clean Your Window Treatments

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visionaire_pageNow that you have invested in the perfect window coverings for your home, you want to preserve them so that they retain their fresh, crisp look.  While drapery is often best left to professional cleaners, styles such as roman shades and other residential shades benefit from attention during regular cleaning routines.  Becoming familiar with the best ways to clean your window coverings can help you to avoid grayed fabrics, prevent stain damage, and keep them free of dust and allergens for years to come.

Tips for Cleaning Blinds

Whether you have selected vertical, wooden, or fabric blinds, the multiple slats of this window covering can accumulate dust quickly.  For easy maintenance, you should vacuum the slats, running the brush attachment across them instead of up and down.  Once you have vacuumed, you may want to run a hand duster across the slats, beginning at the top of the window treatment and working your way down.  If you brush upward, you might unhook parts of the window covering.

Once dust has been removed, you may opt to use a cleaner that is safe for your material to address any spots that need extra attention.  Spray some of the cleaner onto a dry cloth.  If you spray it directly onto the blind, you could damage the material or leave a mark on the fabric.  Wooden blinds can discolor or warp if they become too saturated, so make sure to wipe excess cleaner off immediately, and never use water as a cleaner.

If your metal or vinyl window blinds have become very dirty, they can be removed from the window and washed outside.  It is recommended to lay them on a drop cloth, scrub them with warm, soapy water, and then left outside to dry.

Tips for Cleaning Shades

Shades come in a variety of styles – roman, honeycomb, roller, and panel track.   The brush attachment of your vacuum is suitable for each style.  They key is to set your vacuum cleaner to low suction and work gently, taking care not to crush or wrinkle the fabric.  Stains can be spot-cleaned with a mild product that is safe for your material.  Avoid using spot removers and strong detergents.  Always dab the fabric as rubbing it can cause damage, and make sure to blot dry once the area is treated.

Tips for Cleaning Drapery Systems

Most professional services that clean drapery systems in NYC offer removal and reinstallation so that your drapery can be cleaned off-site, but some will clean them at your home using mobile equipment.  One of the main benefits of using a professional service is the attention that is given to embellishments including tassels, trim, and other fragile elements that may not be preserved in normal laundering.  If your fabric has been treated to repel water or maintain a crisp look, professional cleaners also will take special care to maintain or re-apply these treatments.

If you have questions about the best method for cleaning the window coverings you have installed in your NJ or NY home, the retailer or manufacturer can provide you with a customized recommendation.

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