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Summer 2015 Trends in Window Treatments

Posted: Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 | Filed under: Bamboo Shades, Home Design, Types of window treatments, window treatments
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Graphic Patterned Window Shades

With summer in full swing, some the biggest interior design trends of the moment reference organic materials and colors that are reflective of this time of year.  If you are refreshing your home, these trends can carry you beyond the summer months, however, imparting a soothing feel to your home throughout the year.

In response to the ever-increasing impact of technology and the frenetic pace of life, interior design trends are focused on soft colors and subtle tones to offer an escape from the hustle of everyday living.  The home is being treated as a quiet place to unwind and relax.  A mix of cool colors and warm tones is being used to create a balance and a soft minimalism that references flora, foliage, and seascapes.  For window treatments, this is reflected in the choice of colors that are used on roman blinds, motorized blinds, drapery systems, and sunroom shades.   Think of soft blue, toasted almond, and sunny, custard yellow.

When thinking about the hottest color trends for summer 2015, you aren’t limited by solids or softer colors.  In addition to the softer tones of nature, inspiration for interior design palettes comes from pops of chartreuse, orange, and scarlet.  The goal is to find a harmonious mix of colors and patterns that are coordinated without forcing you to adhere to rigid color rules.  You also aren’t limited to solids.  Floral patterns have ruled the runways, and interior design often takes its cues from the world of fashion.  Fabrics with painterly, watercolor effects are on trend as delicate, and light looks are on trend.

If you prefer a larger scale or bolder floral pattern, you might want to consider a floral motif on blue background.  While soft colors such as taupe and all shades of white and cream have been popular backgrounds, the latest fabrics for drapery and custom made shades use teal and ink blue.  With the popularity of blue hues, they are a natural choice for any window treatment, and they provide the perfect contrast to the colors used in many floral designs.

Beyond color, nature also has inspired the use of organic materials in window coverings such as shades.  Bamboo is a popular choice because of its durability, versatility, and its eco-friendly properties.  In comparison to wood, bamboo is a more socially conscious choice, as bamboo produces new shoots every day and can be harvested every three to five years. Since it lends a natural and neutral look to your windows, bamboo is an easy material around which to design.  They can be layered under more luxurious materials like silk and are suitable for a wide variety of drapery systems.

Another way to go green this season is to make sure that your window treatments and high end residential shades are properly lined.  Whether you choose roman shades or a drapery system, fully lined window coverings will help to regulate your indoor temperature so that you can maintain comfort in your home.

Whether you choose to update your windows with relaxing colors, painterly florals, or materials that are friendly to the environment, a consultation with your NYC residential shading projects contractor can help you to determine what will work best in your home.

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