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Window Treatments for Teen Bedrooms

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bedroom blueWith the school year fast approaching, the late summer is the perfect time to update teen bedrooms before the hectic schedules of the fall begin.  Unlike other rooms in an NYC home, teen bedrooms are often where parents allow their children to make design decisions and have more freedom regarding the colors, styles, and types of window treatments they will incorporate.  With so many options, ranging from roman shades to drapery systems to motorized blinds, your luxury window treatment specialist can help you to design the perfect window covering.

When decorating a teen bedroom, it is important to remember that teens benefit from having a space in the home that they can use to showcase their personality and style.  Even if they select some choices that may not match the rest of the home, the room can be redesigned when teens leave for college or their first apartment.  Decorating a bedroom space allows them to explore their own individual sense of design.  This is why many consider a teen bedroom to be equivalent to a small studio apartment, and area that is distinct from the rest of the home.

While your child’s bedroom may have been filled with choices that were yours, every parent eventually has to redesign this room in the home and transition it to a more mature space.  Since teens tend to spend a large portion of the day in their room, it should be functional and comfortable.  The choice of window coverings will be influenced by the various roles that the bedroom serves: study, lounge, sleep space.

Since many teens study and do homework in their bedrooms, often for hours at a time, it is essential that they function as workspaces.  With respect to window coverings, this means that teens should be able to control the amount of sunlight that shines on the desk and computer.  As with a home office, good options are ones that allow light to be filtered incrementally, such as motorized blinds, horizontal blinds, and vertical blinds.  Teens will be able to reduce glare when they are using their computer and let in more light when they are reading.  The wide range of colors and materials that are available allow them to easily show their unique style and select something that fits with the overall design of their room.

As blinds can reduce glare on screens, they are also a good choice for bedrooms that contain TVs and other electronic equipment.  Teens may spend time lounging and watching movies or playing games with their friends, and controlling light incrementally can be helpful.

Contributing to a relaxing sleep space, window treatments that block unwanted light and muffle noise can make all the difference in your teen’s ability to get the proper amount of rest.  Coverings such as roman shades, motorized shades, cellular shades, and blackout shades are effective at controlling the amount of sunlight in the bedroom and maintaining a comfortable temperature.  Privacy and comfort are key in a bedroom, and these options help teens to achieve both.

Since teens may want to put their unique stamp on window coverings, drapery systems that allow for a layered solution are another option to consider.  Multiple types of blinds and shades can be layered with drapery to create a custom look that transitions a teen’s bedroom into a mature space.  An appointment with your custom window covering specialist can help you to sort through the options.

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