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Window Treatment Solutions for Difficult to Reach Windows

Posted: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 | Filed under: Custom window treatments, motorized window treatments, Skylights, Types of window treatments
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Sloped skylight shade
While specialty windows such as Palladian, bay, and casement options can add drama and interest to your home, it can be difficult to design a window covering that provides the proper amount of privacy while showcasing these unique elements.  Skylights and high windows may be located in places that are difficult to access.  Here are some ideas about how to design the perfect solution for your difficult windows.

Palladian and Arched Windows

The beautiful curve of Palladian and arched windows make them popular additions to many types of rooms.  If the upper portion of the window does not need to be covered for privacy, a window treatment can be located below this section.  For homeowners seeking to cover the entire window while still defining its shape, a rod for a drapery system can be installed at the top of the full window and pulled back at strategic points.  Many types of window treatments can be made to fit the exact size of your windows.  These include horizontal blinds and cellular and other varieties of shades that allow you to control incrementally the amount of sunlight that enters.

Bay Windows

Another popular window among homeowners, bay windows are suited to a variety of window treatments.  If you opt for a drapery system, placing panels on the return walls of the window are a good placement, as they do not obstruct views.  They also frame the window without cluttering it.  A fixed valance with shades underneath allow for privacy and incremental light control.  Roman shades are another good option as they frame the window while allowing for texture and fabric options that can give a finished look to a room.

Casement Windows

Since they open differently than other types of windows, casements require a little more thought about function.  As they open outward and not upward, treatments that are suitable for doors are good choices as they are designed to work with the same type of movement.  Anything that is installed on the window itself will work with the movement of the window.  Since drapery can be pulled to the side, drapery systems also can be installed in such a way that they can be pulled to the side and over the walls when the window is in use.  Rods and hardware need to overlap the wall for this solution to work.

Frequently Used Windows

Some windows in the home are opened more frequently than others.  If you have a window that is often opened, a window covering that is easy to raise and lower is the best choice.  Blinds and shades with motorized controls or options that allow them to be adjusted easily are key.

High and Difficult to Access Windows

Easy operation is important for high and difficult to access windows.  Motorized blinds and shades ensure that your coverings don’t interfere with function.

Glass Doors

In addition to covering your windows, sliding and French doors often require coverage as well.  Since they open and close frequently, door treatments can’t interfere with working mechanisms.  Vertical blinds work well with sliding doors as they can be pulled to the side.  For French doors, horizontal blinds, shades, or panels installed on the door work well.

Unique windows are attractive elements for any room, and your NYC window covering specialist can help you to design a covering that is stylish and functional.

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