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How to Pick the Right Window Coverings for Your Next Remodeling Project

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Window coverings are one of the most noticeable design elements in any room in the home.  Ranging from the most high-tech, motorized systems that are used in home theaters to drapery systems that take their design cues from the world of fashion, custom window treatments attract much attention.  If you incorporate window coverings during the planning stage of your remodel, it is much easier to design the perfect solution.

Customize Treatments for Unique Windows

Whether you are planning a family room addition, expanding your kitchen, or changing the entrance area of your home, windows are one of the key architectural elements that are addressed during the design process.  Palladian windows, skylights, and bay windows add interest and a focal point to a room, but it can be challenging to determine what type of window treatment would work best.  Many types of window treatments can be made to fit the exact size of your windows.  Horizontal blinds and cellular and other varieties of shades are popular for this reason.

Consider Incremental Light Control

In addition to providing a custom fit for your window, blinds and shades allow you to incrementally control the amount of sunlight that will enter your remodeled space.  Lighting is one of the key elements in any room.  Natural light as well as light from fixtures will affect the mood, character, and functionality of the new space you are planning.  Window treatments add visual interest, color, and texture, but they also can reduce glare on computer screens, allow for illumination while reading, and block UV rays that can damage fabrics and overheat your space.

Darken Media Rooms

Theaters use dark tones because the contrast and the darkness bring out the best on the screen. When planning a media room, blackout curtains and shades are the best option for preventing any light from interfering with viewing and making your room as dark as possible.  Motorized controls can be added for ease of operation.

Keep Safety in Mind

Whether you are planning window treatments for a nursery or any other room to which a baby or child has access, safety is an important consideration.  Loose or looped cords and wands can pose hazards and should be kept out reach.  Many blinds and shades can be outfitted with motorized controls, and they allow for operation with options such as remotes, wireless wall switches, and timers.  There are also apps that allow for control from a mobile device.

Include Doors in Your Window Covering Plans

Beyond thinking about your windows, keep in mind that sliding and French doors may require coverage as well.  Since they are functional parts of the room that will be opened and closed frequently, doors should have treatments that will not interfere with any working mechanisms.   Options that work well for French doors include horizontal blinds, shades, or panels installed on the door itself.  For sliding doors, vertical blinds are a good option.

Your NYC shading company can help you to sort through the wide variety of available options such as blackout window treatments, recessed shades, and motorized blinds during your next remodel.

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