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Window Covering Design Trends for Home Gyms

Posted: Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 | Filed under: Home Design, interior design, modern window treatments, window treatments
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Window Home GymSpecialized rooms like home gyms are a luxury that can make it easier to fit an exercise regimen in your lifestyle.  Whether you have a large room with multiple machines, a minimal space for yoga, or an opulent room with a sauna or shower area, there are special considerations when it comes to selecting the best window coverings for this area of the home.

Privacy During Exercise Sessions

If your exercise room is situated in such a way that neighbors can see in through your windows, privacy is a concern during your fitness sessions.  It can be enjoyable to have a nice view of your backyard of neighborhood when you are spending time in a home gym, but most people don’t want to exercise in full display for passersby.  Often referred to as top down/bottom up shades, treatments that give you flexibility as far as which portion of the window remains covered are a popular trend.  When the top of the window is left exposed, natural light can enter the room while the rest of the shade shields anyone exercising from view. With a wide variety of colors and fabrics, this type of shade is highly versatile and can be used to accent a wall of windows or blend in with the rest of the room’s décor.

Plan for TV Viewing

There are multiple reflective surfaces such as mirrors and even the metal of your gym equipment itself.  Combined with the natural light that comes in through your windows, and home gyms can be very bright.  As TVs are popular to include, particularly for those who are engaging in long cardio sessions, minimizing glare is important.  Unlike a media room, which may benefit from a blackout or darkening shade or window treatment, home gyms require more light.   A dark room is not energizing, and fitness it the purpose of this luxury space.  One of the best options is to invest in light filtering shades.  These are able to minimize glare, soften the natural light that you still would like to enter the room, and provide some privacy.  Since light filtering shades allow you to use natural light to brighten your space, they may even help you save on energy costs.

Select a Material That Will Resist Damage

Home gyms are rooms that tend to experience a lot of moisture, due to the sweat that coincides with most workouts, particularly when the space isn’t incredibly large.  Many fabrics such as cotton and other natural materials have a tendency to mildew over time.  If your home gym has a sauna or a shower, the amount of moisture in your room over time will be even higher and can damage window treatments.  Beyond fabric, wood components can warp due to humidity.  The best option is to select shades and other coverings that are less prone to mildew, as sometimes it is not possible to fully eliminate this type of damage once it has occurred.

With proper planning, you can select window treatments that will give you the look and functionality required in your home gym.  Light filtering shades, treatments with mildew-resistant fabric, and top down/bottom up designs are popular trends that are both attractive and functional.

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