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Window Covering Trends for Bathrooms and Indoor Spas

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Bathroom Spa WindowsWhile the weather is no longer ideal for outdoor spa usage, many homeowners will be relaxing in the comfort of their luxury bathroom spa or simply treating themselves to well-deserved soak in a designer tub.  Bathrooms require a high level of privacy and also come with their own unique challenges due to their floorplans as well as the shape and size of their windows.

Add Texture

Due to its function, a bathroom needs to have easy-to-clean and water-resistant surfaces.   With ceramic and porcelain tile abounding in this area of the home, window coverings are a great way to add texture to your space, giving it a warm and comfortable feel.  Woven window shades or horizontal blinds in neutral and earthy tones complement most design choices and can be adjusted for incremental light control and privacy.  They can balance hard, smooth surfaces such as counters, floors, and metal fixtures.

Protect Fabrics from Moisture

Since moisture is a consideration when making choice for a bathroom, water repellent and mildew-resistant fabrics good choices.  Cotton and other natural materials tend to mildew over time, and they this damage can be difficult if not impossible to remove.  Wood components also do not fare well in bathrooms as they tend to warp in humidity.

Customize Treatments for Specialty Windows

For bathrooms with special windows such as skylights, it is possible that too much light or heat can enter.  Shades and blinds made specifically for these specialty windows can be designed to fit their specific dimensions and help to control the ambiance and temperature of the room.

Factor in Light Exposure

When making a decision about color and pattern for the bathroom, exposure to the sun is a key consideration.  Light coming the south and west is warm, while light coming from the north and east tends to be on the cooler end of the spectrum.  The artificial lighting in your space will affect the appearance of colors as well, unless you opt for full-spectrum bulbs, which are close to natural light.  Fluorescent bulbs tend to lend a blue-green tint to a room, while incandescent provide a warm, yellow tone.

Optimize Privacy and Views

When you are relaxing in a private space with a view, it is important to be able to hide portions of the bathroom while maintaining the ability to enjoy your surroundings.  Top down/bottom up shades are treatments that allow you to control which portion of the window remains covered.  While in the bath, it may be preferable to leave just the top of the window exposed so that you can enjoy natural light and any special views while still maintaining a high level of privacy.

An NYC indoor spa or luxury bathroom is a special place in the home that can help you to unwind after a long day and even relieve stress, helping you to increase overall well-being.  Finding the ideal window covering can go a long way toward increasing the comfort that is intended in this room.

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