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Floral Fabrics Inspire Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 | Filed under: Custom window treatments, interior design, Types of window treatments, window treatments
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Floral Fabrics & Window TreatmentsInterior design trends influence homeowners when choosing custom window treatments for their rooms.  Whether aiming for a window that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor or provide a dramatic contrast, keeping an eye on current interior design trends can influence your choice of fabric and style, and floral designs are enjoying a comeback right now.

The classic staple of the English country style, chintz, is particularly popular right now.  These printed floral cotton fabrics come in glazed and unglazed styles.  They originally were produced in India and brought to Europe by traders, which made them both rare and expensive.  They became popular for use on quilts and draperies, and have been in use ever since, with modern styles generally featuring bright floral designs on light background.  However, some modern chintz patterns that are quite popular have navy, black, or other dark backgrounds.

Some homeowners avoid chintz thinking that it is old-fashioned or fussy, but many interior designers have featured it for years, and they no longer limit it to bedrooms.  It can be used for furniture and even to upholster walls.  For those who are reluctant to apply fabric to the walls, there are numerous wallpapers and custom paint treatments that can lend chintz patterns to dining and living rooms as well as smaller spaces such as entryways and bathrooms that may benefit from a dramatic, polished look.

Since floor to ceiling chintz can be overwhelming, modern uses of the fabric as well as other floral patterns often pair elements that lend some contrast.  When coordinating patterns, scale is key to maintaining a polished overall look.  Too many large or small-scale patterns can overwhelm a space.  Instead, contrast large or medium floral fabrics with small prints, narrow stripes, and solids.  Stripes can prevent a space from looking overly coordinated and bring some visual interest, particularly when they draw from colors already present in the floral patterns.

Furniture selection also is influenced by your choice of fabrics.  Painted furniture that highlights one of the colors is a good option to tie the elements of your room together, particularly when chintz is used in a sunroom, although painted furniture is popular in all areas of the home.  When it comes to style, modern furniture is a bold choice that can balance traditional floral patterns and make them feel contemporary while antique finds look right at home in the space.

Curtains have always been a popular way to incorporate chintz into home design, with voluminous treatments and long panels delivering maximum impact.  For homeowners interested in trying the trend, drapery systems using chintz and other floral fabrics may be the only new element that needs to be incorporated into a room.  If you have decided to incorporate these fabrics through your furniture, bedding, and other elements, striped roman shades or neutral horizontal blinds may lend appealing contrast.

If you are considering incorporating chintz into any room in your home, the choice of window covering for that room is important, keeping in mind pattern scale and color.  Schedule an appointment with your custom NYC window treatment specialist to review all of the options.

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