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Interior Design Color Trends for 2016

Posted: Thursday, December 17th, 2015 | Filed under: Color Design, interior design, modern window treatments, window treatments
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Interior Design 2016As opposed to times that were ruled by strict trends, 2016 is a year when anything goes as far as color in the home.  Whether they are incorporated through floral fabrics, solids, or any pattern you can imagine, there are a wide range of colors that have been appearing in designer showrooms.  Since window treatments such as draperies, roman shades, blinds, and other styles are a key component of any room’s décor, it is worth taking a look at two color trends that will be influencing paint colors, furniture options, and home accessories in the year ahead.

Bold, Dramatic Colors

The thought of painting your living or dining room a dramatic shade like black may bring up concerns about these spaces appearing too small or heavy, but bold colors can give your home a glamorous, sophisticated appeal particularly when they are paired with metallic elements.  Dark green, navy, and black are saturated colors that lend a rich and luxurious look to rooms of any size.  For smaller areas such as bathrooms and entryways, they can help to create a highly polished feel, and in larger spaces, they can be quite dramatic, providing a backdrop to the other elements in your room.  Drapery systems, shades, and blinds in fabrics that incorporate these hues are bold choices that can frame beautiful views and complete the look of the room, while neutral choices and fabrics that include metallic shades can provide a nice contrast to other room elements.  Shades of silver and bronze are popular right now as accents.


With so much complexity to white, there are numerous shades of the color and ways it can be used in home design.   Paired with other soft neutrals, white can lend a natural glow to rooms.  When multiple shades are used in the same space, the subtle differences between them can enhance the sophistication of the space, particularly when various textures are incorporated through furniture, rugs, and fabrics that are used for window treatments.  Inspiration for various shades of white to consider can be found in marble hues, sandy beaches, and other natural elements.

When white is used in conjunction with bolder colors, it can provide a striking contrast to other elements in the room.  Whether white is used on woodwork in a room that is painted with a richly saturated color or used on windows to draw attention to architectural elements, it has the ability to frame views and other elements in a room.

Curtains, shades, and blinds that are crafted from fabric in shades of white allow sunlight to pass through easily, brightening spaces and allowing them to benefit from a natural glow.  The type of light exposure received by a room will affect the appearance of white, with light coming from the south and west being warm, and light coming from the north and east tending to be cooler.

Bold, dramatic colors and white are two of the color trends that will be influencing interior design in 2016, but this is a year in which anything goes.  The most important consideration when selecting fabric and styles for your window treatments are to make choices that reflect what appeals most to you.

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