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Window Treatments for a Victorian Home

Posted: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 | Filed under: bay windows, modern window treatments, Victorian Home Window Treatments, window blinds
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Victorian HousesCharacterized by their sweeping porches, narrow and tall structure, and decorative trim, Victorian homes have specific features that factor into the choice of window treatment.  Some homeowners are interested in making sure that their selection does not interfere with the feel of a period-inspired room while others seek solutions that will lend a more modern feel to a space.  There are beautiful and functional options that can meet your design preferences for any room in a Victorian home.

Window Seats and Bay Windows

Window seats lend charm to a home, providing an ideal space to relax, read a book, or take advantage of a beautiful view of the neighborhood or even a garden on your own property.  Since these spots often include pillows, bench cushions, or other forms of upholstery, window treatments should be coordinated in terms of fabric or color scheme.

The bay windows that accompany this area of the home are suited to a variety of window treatments.  Placing panels on the return walls of the window can prevent views from being obstructed and frame it without creating clutter.  A fixed valance with shades underneath allows for privacy and incremental light control, which can be useful when reading.  Another popular option is to use roman shades, as they frame the window while being available in fabric options that can lend a finished look to this area.

Period-Inspired Curtains

The Victorian Age is known for window treatments that were elaborate.  In order to create a period-inspired look, consider using luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk in historic gold, green, or red.  Adding layers to the treatment such as a cornice and valance and incorporating decorative trim including tassels are other ways to recreate the Victorian look.

Wood Blinds and Interior Shutters

During the Victorian period, wood blinds were popular window treatments that served multiple functions.  This type of covering still is useful today as it allows for incremental light control and temperature regulation.  Since they are available in a variety of species, wood blinds can be customized to achieve the tones and grain that will work best with the rest of the décor in a specific room.  Interior shutters also are available in a variety of options, allowing for the same level of customization.  Beyond selecting the style that is most aesthetically pleasing, homeowners should consider how they would like to open and close the treatment.  Both have louvers or slats that control how much light enters a room, but blinds are raised horizontally to expose the window, while shutters open to the sides.

While some homeowners are interested in incorporating period-inspired details such as elaborate window treatment systems or wood shutters, others are interested in modernizing the interior of a Victorian home.  Since there are unique architectural details with which homeowners still must work, it may be necessary to customize treatments for the unique shapes and sizes of your windows while selecting modern fabrics that can update and refresh the interior of the home.

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