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Window Treatments for French Colonial Homes

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Window Treatments for French ColonialsWhen French colonists settled in the Louisiana Territory in the early 1700s, they were influenced by the building techniques of the Caribbean and West Indies.  The homes style that they created is now known as French Colonial architecture.  Common features include wide porches, French doors, and raised living quarters.  The unique characteristics of the style influence homeowners’ choice of window coverings.

Shades for Windows that Overlook Porches

Since they originated in the South, French Colonial homes feature tall and wide porches on the first and second floors that were designed to provide adequate ventilation.  As a result, rooms whose windows look out onto the porches are more shielded from the sun.  Since limiting the amount of light that enters a room is less of a concern, many homeowners opt for shades instead of blinds.  During the day, the shade can be fully lifted, exposing the window and allowing any light that still passes through the porch to enter.  At nighttime, the shade can be lowered to allow for privacy.  Shade fabrics that are lighter and allow for some light to pass through may be desirable so that rooms aren’t completely darkened if the treatments are left closed during the day, unless this is desired for media viewing or for a private area such as a bedroom.

Customized Treatments for Tall Windows

Since French Colonial homes feature first and second floor porches that have high ceilings, they also have tall windows.  Shades, blinds, shutters, and other types of treatments can be customized to the exact measurement of your window to ensure proper coverage.  A popular choice for tall windows is drapery, which can be pulled back to create a dramatic effect and draw attention to this architectural feature.  If you want to incorporate fabric but are seeking a more tailored look, roman shades are a suitable option.  They can be coordinated with the rest of your interior design scheme while also controlling privacy and light more incrementally.

One of the most versatile ways to control privacy is to incorporate a top-down, bottom-up shade.  This allows light to enter from the top of the window while the lower section remains covered when you are interested in more privacy, or for the bottom to be lifted when you are seeking to maximize the flow of sunlight.

Since it can be difficult to reach the controls on shades and blinds installed on tall windows, motorized controls are a feature that can make them more functional.  Using a remote control device it is possible to raise and lower them easily and to adjust them for privacy and lighting needs throughout the day.

Coverings for French Doors

With multiple French doors, it is important to select treatments that will not interfere with working mechanisms.  Horizontal blinds, shades, or panels installed on the door are popular choices.  Depending on how much light you want to let in, you can opt for light-filtering or light-blocking material.

Known for its French doors, porches, and tall windows, French Colonial architecture has unique features that affect the choice of shades, blinds, and drapery that will work best throughout the home.  Your NYC window treatment experts can help to determine the best options based on your light control and privacy needs as well as your interior design preferences.

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