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7 Decorating Tips for Your First Home

Posted: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, First Home Advice, Home Design, interior design
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Decorating Your First HomeNow that the process of buying your first home has come to an end, it’s time to come up with a decorating plan that will allow you to personalize your rooms.  Decorating your first home is an exciting process that allows you to explore your taste in interior design, showcase well-loved items, and discover new furniture, color schemes, and window treatments.

How to Personalize Your New Home

  1. 1. Think like a home stager. This doesn’t mean that you want to make a space that will appeal broadly to everyone, but if your house was staged when you bought it, chances are that it looks a lot different now. An empty house can be intimidating.  Many first time homeowners don’t even know where to begin.   Home stagers know that you have to strike a balance between a clean home and a friendly, lived-in space.  Don’t live out of your boxes forever but also don’t force yourself to store away too many of your well-loved items
  1. 2. Remember the power of painting. Walls make a major impact in any room. When you are trying to make a space feel like your own, repainting is a good way to freshen up a house and make it truly reflect your style and design preferences.
  1. 3. Prioritize form and function. When you are creating design boards or bookmarking pages with ideas for your home, recognize that these ideas may not work the same way in your home. The gorgeous sofa you had your heart set on may not fit in your new living room.  The floor to ceiling drapery that looked beautiful in a design home’s bedroom may make yours feel too cramped or fail to provide the incremental privacy control you want.  In that instance, a streamlined shade may be a better option.  If you add motorized controls, you can make your window treatments even more functional.
  1. 4. Leave space for unexpected finds. Most homeowners like to change their décor, artwork, or accent furniture occasionally to refresh a room.  If you design every space from top to bottom right away, you may not have room to take home the serendipitous finds you may spot at an antiques fair or your favorite shop.
  1. 5. Treat your bedroom like a sanctuary. While your bedroom is a place guests won’t often see, it should still reflect your design style.  First time homeowners can neglect this area of the home, but that’s a mistake.  To set the stage for restful sleep, romance, and relaxation, use elements such as bedding, paint colors, and furniture  to create a space where you want to spend time.
  1. 6. Mix old and new. Take vintage or antique pieces and use them alongside contemporary finds – or use pieces that you already own with some new purchases.  This helps you avoid having everything seem overly matched or look like a furniture store.
  1. 7. Don’t forget curb appeal. An inviting front porch, walkway, or entrance area can make your return home at the end of the day even more enjoyable. Consider adding plants, repainting, and keeping your outdoor area clean and maintained so that it feels inviting.

Keep these tips in mind as you select window treatments, furniture, and other design elements for your new home.  Embrace the chance to start with a blank canvas and create the home you have always envisioned.

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