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Window Treatments for a Colonial Home

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Colonial HomesEvolving from European influences, colonial homes are incredibly popular in the United States.  Colonists brought architectural influences from Europe to their new land, and the style evolved from there.  When we think of a colonial home today, we think of their distinct use of geometry, but there are many variations throughout the country – many of these dictated by the necessity of coping with the local climate.

Colonial Home Features

Originating in the South, French Colonial homes are known for their tall and wide porches on the first and second floors, which were designed to provide ventilation.  Rooms looking out onto these porches also are more shielded from the sun.  The dictates of the climate are the major factor in the development of this home style.

In New England and areas that tended to be cooler, the home style developed without as much concern for ventilation.  As a result, colonial homes in these parts of the country do not feature the tall porches that can be seen in states such as Louisiana and Mississippi.

While many original colonial homes may no longer be standing, the architecture continues to be popular throughout the United States.  There have been multiple revivals over the years, and the style remains appealing to homebuyers due to its symmetrical details and other classic elements.

Shade and Drapery Options for a Colonial Home

As with any home style, owners of colonial homes are interested in selecting the proper window treatments that will highlight their features.  While most of the first colonial homes had small windows due to the expensiveness of glass at the time, modern revivals of the style incorporate larger windows.  This means that homeowners have a wide range of choices – and different concerns such as privacy to address with their window coverings.

Since colonial homes generally feature symmetrically placed windows on both sides of the front door, it may be advisable to install window treatments that allow for privacy at night.  Unless the house is situated far from neighbors, the windows in the front of the home may allow for views of the living room, dining room, and certain bedrooms, as the upstairs windows typically are aligned with their first floor counterparts.  Treatments that can be easily closed are a good option.  These include roman shades, motorized shades, and roller shades.  With the wide range of fabrics available, it is possible to customize the look of the shades to the interior design of the home.  Colors, patterns, and various levels of light blocking are available.

For homeowners who prefer the look of drapery, it is possible to design a system that matches your style while being functional.  Curtains that can be closed easily will afford the same amount of privacy as shades if they are made from a comparable fabric.  Unlike shades, however, curtains do not afford the same degree of incremental privacy.  While shades can be raised or lowered to cover the entirety of the window or only a small portion, curtains aren’t as versatile.

When selecting window coverings for your NYC area colonial home, it is possible to select a style that is both functional and beautiful.  This is a popular home style in the NYC area so you may even find some inspiration in the homes of your neighbors.

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