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Window Treatments for a Rustic Home

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Rustic Home
The inspiration for a rustic home can come from many sources.  Some homeowners have always dreamed of living in a log cabin with its abundance of natural wood.  Others think of homes in the West or a mountain lodge retreat.  What unites homes designed in a rustic style is their celebration of natural materials that are left close to their natural state.  There is a greater appreciation for natural variation – and even weathering – than is seen in most home styles.

Features of a Rustic Home

Those who live in a rustic home may completely embrace the style to the extent that they include cowhide rugs and even specimens of taxidermy in their homes.  Others prefer to incorporate rustic details in a more restrained manner – perhaps a chandelier made of antlers rather than a deer head mount.  Typically rustic homes feature furniture and accents comprised of materials such as wool, linen, leather, sisal, and iron.  Homeowners seeking to create a more subtle variation of this style may reference it in accessories – perhaps some highly textured wool pillows and throws or wrought iron light fixtures.  Alternately they may leave beams or exterior walls exposed while incorporating modern furnishings.

Whether you opt for what is now known as modern rustic or you embrace full-on rustic design, there are many ways to achieve this look.  Choice of flooring is a key area through which homeowners display their design preferences.  Wide plank flooring with distressed boards and the use of local varieties of wood (as opposed to exotic species) are both effective for this purpose.

If a home has a rustic exterior, it typically will have a wood or stone façade.  Reclaimed wood has become a popular choice of building material.  Other exterior features include prominent chimneys, natural color schemes, and connection to the surrounding landscape.

Maximize Views through Window Coverings

One of the major trends in rustic home design is maximizing views through unique windows that allow homeowners to take advantage of their natural surroundings.  The views often become key design elements that dictate the interior choices for each room.  Large light-filled living rooms that allow homeowners to enjoy the natural surroundings are popular.  In areas with distinct seasonal changes, nature often take center stage and cause the feel of the room to change throughout the year.

When rooms have floor to ceiling windows, large expanses of windows, or a few carefully placed oversized ones, shades and curtains can be challenging to select.  Depending on how far a home is situated from the street or neighbors, privacy is generally still a concern so most homeowners opt not to leave windows bare even if they want to maximize views.

Custom shades are one of the best solutions for homes that include large windows.  Rooms can become quite hot during the warmer months, particularly when there is excessive sunlight.  During the fall and winter, they can lose a great deal of heat.  For homeowners seeking to control the amount of heat and light in a room, as well as privacy, motorized shades offer incremental control that can provide exceptional functionality.  Shades can be fitted to the exact specifications of your windows, even if they are large blocks that take up multiple walls.

Working with a professional shade installer is key to coming up with a plan to maximize views while incorporating your design preferences.  Your shading specialist can help you determine the best option for your rustic home.

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