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Window Treatment Trends For Bedrooms

Posted: Thursday, October 13th, 2016 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, Bedroom redecorating, Color Design, motorized window treatments
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Bedroom Window Treatments (1)The bedroom is your serene sanctuary and should be designed to convey a feeling of relaxation and sense of happiness. Window coverings are a focal point of your bedroom; your eyes are instantly drawn to them when you walk into your bedroom. As a result, your window should express a sense of tranquility and comfort for your beautifully decorated space. Below are some of the latest trends in window treatments for your bedroom. Consider them as you plan your next redesign.

Organic Material

To create that relaxed feeling when you first walk into your bedroom, try using an organic material for your window treatment. Window treatments made out of materials like bamboo, matchstick, and wood bring the outdoors element of nature into your bedroom. These coverings are unique because they come in a variety of colors to choose from for each type of material. These natural products are known to diffuse light well and create privacy, all the while helping you relax and decompress.

Bold Print

One of the best ways to express your creativity is to add window coverings with bold prints.  Large prints are very eye catching and make a bold statement – pun intended. There are so many different types of prints available such as stripes, floral, herringbone, chevron, quatrefoil, paisley, or scale. Don’t worry the right pattern is out there for your space.

Draped Silk

Beautifully draped silk in your bedroom is a statement piece that can transform your bedroom immediately, making it feel soft and luxurious. Drapes can truly create a romantic ambiance in your room; this allows sunlight to peek through, during the day, making the room glow enchantingly. At night, the silk reflecting the moonlight into your room generates a soothing state for you to fall a sleep. Do you want to add a few creative custom details to make the design your own? To really make your drapes dramatic try adding pleats, tassels, crystals, beads or buttons. Adding any of these ornate features will only make the drapes more unique.

Pop of Color

Too many window coverings are understated. At Shading Systems, we often see white windows paired with white or cream drapes, a vey traditional modern décor. Adding a simple touch of color, perhaps your favorite, can make all the difference in your widow treatment design scheme! While neutrals can offer simplicity, they do not stimulate your senses or energize you when you wake up in the morning. The bedroom is your most personal space, so why not change the space to add a pop of color that reflects your personality? We promise you won’t regret it.

Advanced Technology

Not only does integrating technology in your home make life easier, it also increases your home’s value. Window treatments are now high tech! They can be controlled via remote, a light switch or even the Internet. There are also different types of roller shades we offer such as solar, privacy, and black out shades. These control the amount of sunlight in the bedroom while also maintaining a comfortable temperature. Most people associate technology with a modern design, with plain colors with sleek lines, when in actuality there are hundreds of fabric choices for all these new window treatment options. Consider using the latest technology to enhance this your home.

Whether you choose to tweak, add, change, or completely redesign your window treatments in your bedroom, there is no better time than now. Contact us at Shading Systems to get started on creating your dream bedroom today!

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