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Different Ways to Clean Your Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 | Filed under: cleaning window treatments, Skylight Shades, window treatments
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Cleaning Window TreatmentsCleaning your window treatments may not be the first task that comes to mind when you decide to spruce up your home. In fact, the cleaning process may be on the bottom of people’s To-Do List. However, it’s recommended that you clean your window treatments frequently in order to optimize air quality.

Clean window treatments are essential for a healthy and hygienic environment for you and your family to enjoy. Additionally, cleaning your window treatments will often benefit you financially. Homeowners who clean curtains, blinds and shades regularly are less likely to purchase several new window treatments in their lifetime.

There are many different ways to clean the various window treatments around your home, and it’s easier than you think! To help you along the process, here are some easy ways you can clean your window treatments.

Drapes and Curtains

For thick or durable drapes and curtains, it’s safe for you to use your vacuum to remove dirt and dust.  Simply attach the upholstery brush to the end of the vacuum, and gently run it along the curtains. For more delicate curtains, it is recommended to remove the window treatment from the rod and shake it out. Keep in mind that this should be completed prior to vacuuming your home.

If you choose to wash your curtains, be sure to check the washing machine care instructions. Often times, curtains should be washed with cold water to prevent color damage.  If you’re hesitant to wash your drapes and curtains, it is not uncommon to get dry-cleaned!


To clean your blinds, first close them so that they lie flat for optimal coverage. While your blinds are closed, use a duster to remove unwanted grime. Next, flip your blinds in the opposite direction and repeat. Once the dust is removed, you can then spray all-purpose cleaner on plastic or vinyl blinds for a crystal clean finish. For wood blinds, be sure to use a wood surface cleaner. If you have fabric blinds in your home, it’s suggested that you take them to the dry cleaners for a more thorough cleaning.


The cleaning process for shades is similar to cleaning blinds. Begin by vacuuming with the brush attachment for dusting. For fabric shades review the washing machine care instructions and wash accordingly in cold water. If your shades are honeycomb, use dishwasher soap and a new sponge dipped in warm water to remove obvious stains. Then, dab the stains; do not smear or rub as that will make the stain worse. For a complete clean, bring your honeycomb shades to the dry cleaning.

Skylight Shades

Just because skylight shades are far from reach, doesn’t mean you’re exempt from cleaning them! Cleaning your skylight shade is different from cleaning curtains, blinds and shades at a normal height. To clean skylight shades, be sure to have a ladder or stepstool nearby.

Once you have your footing, remove the window treatment and follow the steps previously mentioned about shades based on the texture (fabric and honeycomb). When reassembling skylight shades, it is both helpful and safe to have someone assist you while you’re standing on a ladder or stepstool.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Window Treatments

You may not consider cleaning your window treatments often, but curtains, blinds and shades are welcoming niches for dust mites, making your home a nightmare if you have allergies. Dust mites also attract moisture, making your window treatments prone to damage.  The exposure to sunlight alone already takes enough life out of your curtains, blinds and shades.

Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule for your window treatments prolongs the lifespan and is cost efficient for you in the long run.

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