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Best Bohemian Style Window Treatments

Posted: Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 | Filed under: Bedroom redecorating, Bohemian Style, Home Design, modern window treatments
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bohemian-window-treatmentsThe arrival of spring is the perfect time to ditch your plain white window dressing and add a pop of color to your living space. Bohemian window layering offers fun colors and artistic embroidery that can amplify the free-spirited energy of any room, whether it be a modern living room or a sophisticated office. The eclectic style allows a variety of patterns and textures, promoting a vibrant and calming feel. No matter what décor or theme chosen, adding Bohemian window treatments is an easy and fun way to provide a unique and individualized feel that brightens your living space.

Whether you choose a simple Bohemian accent or decide to include a mismatch of vibrant colors and patterns, the versatility of the Bohemian style allows you to choose your favorite designs to truly personalize your décor. Our window specialists offer custom window treatment options to help create any style you wish to achieve. Our experts consider these must haves when creating a Bohemian styled window treatment.


When choosing the right colors for a Bohemian window treatment, the possibilities are pretty much endless. A creamy white color can be used for a calmer tone while a combination of clashing colors can intensify the liveliness of a room. The most common colors incorporated in to a Bohemian style room are pink and orange, as well as accents of blue, red and yellow.

To achieve a colorful and cohesive look, it’s good to choose one dominant color and two less dominant colors to set the tone of the rest of the treatment. Whether you add splashes of colors or decide to keep it simple, any assortment can be used to achieve a desired Bohemian feel.

Texture and Patterns

A defining aspect of Bohemian style is combining and layering different textures and patterns to create a bold appearance. Don’t be afraid to mix different types of designs that you normally wouldn’t because a Bohemian look is distinct for its daring appearance. Choosing different, solid-colored sheers can create a simpler feel that still takes advantage of a varied color palette. Embroidered white lace panels or patterned silk drapes can be used to achieve a classier style.

Layering different material such as sheer, cotton, linen and silk with an assortment of geometrics, solids, floral and prints will create a daring, adventurous feel. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo also signify a Bohemian treatment.

Bohemian Themes

Although a Bohemian style window treatment can combine just about any color and texture, basing your treatment off of a more specific Bohemian theme can help guide the entire look. Consider adding designs representative of different regions and cultures including India, Morocco, Asia and the Middle East, all of which have greatly influenced Bohemian style. Incorporating artistic embroidery on window treatments such as mosaic patterns will establish an authentic bohemian feel with an ethnic design.

For a gypsy Bohemian style, an intense mixture of thick fabrics, cheerful colors and unconventional patterns can be combined while incorporating lighter colors with thick materials will provide a hippie Bohemian look. A Bohemian theme can also be based off a print style, such as animal print, feather print or floral prints. Basing your window treatment off of a specific Bohemian theme will narrow your options and allow you to complete the precise style you are looking to include in your living space.


Once you have picked your colors, patterns and textures, Bohemian embellishments should then be added to complete the overall style. From bamboo beadings to different pops of colors, beads will create a positive and homey vibe to your window treatments. Crystals, jewels or glass accents will allow for greater depth to your Bohemian style. A beaded sun catcher, a retro styled valance or a metal fastening are perfect touches to tie together a Bohemian window treatment.


Redesigning your home décor is a great way to relax and discover new inspirations. Bohemian window treatments change the feel and energy of a room as well as add the perfect touch of individuality. Whether an intense use of colors or fabric, the variety of a Bohemian style window treatment will truly complete any room. Shading System’s wide selection of fabrics and ability to adapt to any location can create a unique bohemian look to any window of your choosing. Our window specialists will help your free-spirited energy shine through a creative window design complementing your inner bohemian.

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