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The Most Durable Material for Window Treatments

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Window Treatment MaterialAre you looking to update your faded, stained, or ripped window treatments? Whether you are selecting window treatments that are child safe, withstand high traffic, block harsh sunlight or minimize pet dander, selecting a durable material is essential. It can pose difficulty for homeowners to find a window treatment that can reflect the architecture of the space and interior design style, all while withstanding the test of wear and tear. The experts at Shading Systems can best advise the most durable material to ensure your window treatments are both decorative and functional.

Start by evaluating your design space. Is it a high traffic flow area such as an entryway or family room? What type of curtain would be best suited for both your window height, wall space and furniture placement?

Durable Materials Can Be Elegant

For window treatment material that offers aesthetic while providing resistance to elements, consider linen, silk, and organic cotton. Linen material possesses high air permeability, which allows air to flow through the fabric; this is an ideal option for maintaining privacy while opening windows. Silk allows natural light to flow into a room in comparison to opaque shades or drapes, which can make a room feel larger and more welcoming. In addition, silk has light density and does not require metal or brass rods to support it. Organic cotton is extremely durable and clean material free of harmful pesticides that break down treated cotton.

Sturdy Blinds

Wood and aluminum blinds are a low maintenance and durable window treatment option. Wooden blinds are denser than vinyl and also offer more privacy. Wooden blinds can be made from Teak, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Birch, and Cherry; in addition they can be stained or painted. Wooden blinds are completely opaque, offering the upmost privacy and are an excellent choice for all window dimensions.

Aluminum blinds are an economical option because they reflect the sun’s rays, protect against heat unlike certain fabrics that can otherwise become damaged by the sun. Aluminum blinds come in a variety of sizes including mini; they are also available cordless which is ideal for parents of small children and pet owners. Aluminum blinds also tend to be noise resistant, strong and sleek, making this type of blind an ideal choice for commercial business in high traffic areas.

Motorized Options

For homeowners, regulating blinds and shades manually, can be a nuisance. However, innovative technology, now allows homeowners and businesses to install motorized shading. Motorized window treatments are ideal for spaces with hard to reach windows and skylights, while also providing convenience and mobility. Additionally, self-timers and sun sensors allow you to program the opening and closing times throughout the day, in order to manage heat.

Easy Maintenance

For window treatments in high traffic areas such as family rooms and kitchens, consider machine washable fabrics like nylon, acetate, and polyester. Nylon is water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and extremely flexible. For children and pet friendly areas, using nylon for window treatments offer easy maintenance. Likewise, curtains made of Acetate are ideal for moist areas such as dens, laundry rooms and kitchens because it is fast drying and mildew-resistant. Polyester is also stretch resistant, wrinkle resistant, and shrink resistant. Polyester dries quickly and is less likely to stain due to its low absorbency. This type of material can be incorporated with heavier drapes to create an elegant window treatment.

Durability with Every Design

Not only can proper shading solutions improve the temperature in your space, but it can also aid with your design aesthetics, lower your energy costs, and add value to your space. Consider pairing sheer curtains and heavy drapes to regulate temperatures while protecting your drapes from strong UV damage. Sheer curtains can be placed on the inner layer and regular drapes on the outer layer. At Shading Systems, your window treatments can be installed in conjunction with other shading solutions for maximum flexibility.

Contact Shading Systems today to learn more about durable material for your window treatments.

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