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Best Window Treatment for Bathrooms

Posted: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 | Filed under: Bathroom Privacy, Bathroom Window Treatments, Interior Decorating, natural light
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Bathroom Window TreatmentsYour bathroom is one of your most used spaces, as you freshen up and pamper yourself daily. You should never neglect your bathroom; this important space demands its own signature style. Whether you enjoy the breeze from a cracked window or prefer natural lighting, choosing the right window treatments will make your bathroom more appealing. Window treatments for bathrooms need to meet three requirements: privacy, durability, and light control. Bathrooms are a high moisture and heavy traffic area, so choosing mildew-resistant fabrics is essential. No matter which style you choose, the creative designs and material choices are endless.

Master Bathrooms

The master bathroom is the most spacious bathroom in a home. Master bathrooms are usually 3500sq ft. or larger. These bathrooms may be as luxurious as featuring mini-botanical gardens, a walk-in shower, a Jacuzzi and multiple marble-top vanities. To complement the master bathroom’s lavish style, motorized blinds and vinyl shutter shades are popular choices. Larger bathrooms tend to have multiple windows and skylights; so motorized blinds are great for controlling several windows in unison. The latest technology allows you to sync motorized blinds with your phone! Vinyl shutter shades create simplistic, yet chic aesthetic. These shades come in many colors such as tan, white, black, and beige. Any color will add an up-scale touch your master bathroom.

Parlor Bathrooms

Inspired by the Victorian, mid-century and colonial eras, parlor bathroom design requires traditional window treatments. As a result of a traditional design, you’ll need fabrics such as silk, cotton, and polyester for a finer finish. Parlor bathrooms have rich colors, and an array of decorative accents on the sink and vanities. Using white, brown, red, blue and green curtains can help highlight the windows in the parlor bathroom. To further emphasize your window treatment, hang the curtains on brass, copper, or gold curtain rods.

The Kids Bathroom

Window treatments for these bathrooms should not be in-reach of children. Experts recommend valances and café curtains because kids are likely to tamper with the window treatments that are in-reach. Use valances if you have children between the ages of 2 and 6; meanwhile, café curtains work well with ages 7 through12. Valances and café curtains are available in an array of print patterns including floral and animated characters. While these two window treatments work well with children, they also keep the bathroom looking aesthetically pleasing.

Guest Bathrooms

When hosting guests, your top priority is to make them feel welcomed, comfortable, and relaxed. As a result, the presentation of your bathroom is vital. Avoid an overwhelming window treatment with layered curtains, hooks, and blinds. Pairing semi-transparent glass windows with valances provides your guests with privacy while keeping your bathroom elegant. Valances for guest bathrooms are available in multiple prints and colors. Be sure to choose pastel or solid colors that are both welcoming and soothing.

Wooden shades are popular because they offer durability, privacy, and reduce noise. Wooden shades also pair well with modern or rustic designs. Remember, simplicity is key when choosing the perfect window treatment for your guest bathroom.

Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathrooms are private places that you spend a great amount of time in. Therefore, creating a space that is pleasing and comforting is essential. Bathrooms hold a lot of moisture, which can tarnish some fabrics and materials. Thus, you will want to select the correct materials for bathroom window treatments. For assistance in choosing the perfect solution, clients in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania should contact Shading Systems today!

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