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Window Treatment Secrets That Sell Your Home

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shading-124-photoSelling your home can be a long and enduring process depending on the real estate market. From fixing tiles to applying a fresh coat of paint, preparing a house for the market is a tremendous effort. The condition of your home’s windows, window treatments, and fixtures can greatly impact whether your home sells quickly or not. Every home has its own style, however when reselling your home, it can be a challenge to present your home reflecting a neutral style; with minimal furniture and décor to complement each room. Our experts have gathered top selling criteria regarding maximizing your home’s windows to delight and sway potential buyers walking through your home at your next open house.

How To Brighten Up A Space

During the day, natural light pours into the home; thus, making the home more spacious and appealing. To maximize the amount of the light shining into each room, opt for light airy fabrics instead of heavy and dark colored material that tend to make a room dreary and stuffy. Also, dark colors for window treatments can prevent potential buyer from visualizing how to occupy the space. Our experts recommend avoiding solid colors such as black, burgundy, cherry, and brown. By selecting lightweight fabrics homeowners entice buyers the moment they enter an airy and light space. Also for privacy, protection against harsh light, or distract from less appealing view, replace blackout curtains or curtains that fully engulf your windows, and opt for sheer and translucent material. Translucent shades and sheers will function to eliminate window glare. In addition incorporating shutters, such as plantation shutters can add to home with architectural elements. These options offer privacy while allowing valuable light into a living space. Often drapes or curtains can overpower a space, be mindful of this by opening curtains where they fall evenly on both sides. This also creates the illusion of more depth and dimension.

Decorating Window Treatments In Every Room

Home stagers and Real Estate agents alike will reassure you that the approach to interior design should be simplistic. This expert advice is important because the wrong interior design style can deter buyers. As a potential buyer, windows are the focal point of each room, followed by furniture placement and closets. Because homeowners are selling the entire home it is important to showcase windows that are eye pleasing in each room of your home to win over a potential buyer.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and can feature beautiful woodwork, stone or tile. To keep the integrity of the room opt for white or burlap roller blinds, as they are functional and neutral with any kitchen tile or wall color. Decorate bathroom windows with valances or café curtains. Not only do they allow for light to shine through this relatively small space, window toppers are up high away from moisture. To make a window seem larger, mount the rod higher on the wall above on the window frame. Roller blinds or valances work well in bedrooms, especially when you soften the edges with sheer curtains. For your curtains and valances, choose neutral colors such as peach, green, aqua, and mint. Living and dining rooms will look more appealing by adding soft window treatments like translucent puddling drapes, curtains, or natural blinds. Keeping living and dining rooms light and airy is important, as living rooms are usually the first room shown during a walk through. For staging, many homeowners choose natural blinds such as wood or bamboo. Bamboo and wood blinds filter light well and accents the windows, choose whether to keep them opened or halfway lifted.

How To Incorporate Patterns and Prints

Home stagers do not recommend showcasing patterns or prints as they can distract potential buyers from viewing the space in its entirety. It is best to avoid or replace striped, floral printed, heavy geometric or animal prints, as these patterns tend to dominate a room. Opt for solid or light eye-pleasing patterns and colors. You can use a slightly lighter shade than your wall color to provide consistency.

Update Window Hardware

Hardware selections are endless. When choosing the rod to the rings to finials homeowners can use metal, wood, or plastic. When selling your home keep them simple and clean. Evaluate the condition of your hardware as well as the style. Outdated hardware can negatively impact your windows; replace thick rods, overbearing finials or fat rings. Heavy cornices and tiebacks are a design style of the past, so remove them from windows treatments. These two designs limit light from entering the room. Also, large finials and fat rings can sometimes add a dramatic effect to windows regarding certain design styles; it’s best to downplay when presenting your home. However, thinner rods add function and complement any window treatment. Also, metal rods such as copper or brass add to design aesthetic and create a fine finish and versatility. Consider installing adjustable or long solid curtain rods, they help create the illusion of a larger room.

Window Treatments For The Market

Homeowners should keep in mind, that their use for each room might not serve the same purpose for the new buyer. When it comes to home staging, an uncluttered, minimal and spacious room will attract buyers. Contact a Shading System professional today to assess the condition of windows before you put your home on the market.

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