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Window Treatments Trends: Farmhouse Style

Posted: Thursday, June 1st, 2017 | Filed under: Farmhouse Style, Rustic Home Window Treatments, Textiles and Fabrics
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Farmhouse StyleFarmhouse Style is popular in home design for a style that is laid-back, cozy and country, bringing a sense of homestead or rustic barn feel into your home. Incorporating antique finials, raw or reclaimed wood, and a variety of prints, homeowners can create a space and decorate each room with sentimental, vintage accessories and sturdy furniture, creating a homey feel. Our shading experts lend advice for designing your window treatments with farmhouse style.

Subtle Color Palettes With A Wide Range of Fabric and Prints

Farmhouse style colors tend to have a muted and understated appeal. From scalloped swag gingham to panel lace, the fabric and color pairing options seem endless. There are two traditional color palettes: a blend of washed neutrals such as whites, warm beiges, grays, or feature earth tones such as muted slate, sage, apple red, and fawn. Typical farmhouse patterns include checkered, plaid, paisley, gingham, patchwork, linen and lace. There are also different design approaches to the weight of fabrics; homeowners can drape layers of light, airy linens or bridal lace, or can choose to showcase a more durable material and bold print such as the signature style buffalo black and white check curtains, a timeless farmhouse style.

Rustic and Durable Window Treatment Options

Wood, wrought iron, and steel are three materials that play a large role in farmhouse style. From blinds to plantation shutters and café curtains, the options for farmhouse window treatments are endless. Wooden blinds compliment the neutral design and bring the outdoors in, reflecting whites, pale yellows, and natural browns in various types of wood such as oak, maple, and hickory. To add depth to windows, use darker toned woods like walnut, cherry or white oak. To incorporate a more modern atmosphere, steel blinds can bring an urban yet rustic look. Steel blinds are ideal for iron or metal furniture pieces and décor. For an added rustic touch, consider installing a short metal (tin roof) awning on the interior of the window to mimic a valance or build a wooden cornice from reclaimed wood.

Farmhouse Window Treatment Options for Every Room

Farmhouse décor is a mix of form and function. The benefit of farmhouse style is that the colors and material are interchangeable; therefore, homeowners can give each room a unique design simply by swapping curtains, rods, or adding layers. Sturdy materials such as wood, burlap, and steel, age-worn finishes, streamlined shapes provide diverse style options. The following three design tips will provide you with an idea of where to get started.

  • To create an open space, pair sage linen drapes with a rustic copper rod. Use a rope curtain tieback to top off the farmhouse look, and is also ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.
  • To let the sunshine in and facilitate airflow, pair birch wooden valance with bamboo plantation shades that do not have a liner. The two will provide a contrast that will look great during the day and night, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • For maximum privacy that is stylish, apply two rods over your window for layering. The first curtain on the inner rod should be a sheer material in a light pastel color. The second curtain on the outer rod should be of linen or cotton material and should be an earth tone color. The larger rod should have heavily distressed finials. Use burlap as a heavy liner for shutter shades to ensure optimal privacy.

Bringing Country Into Your Home

Whether you wish to serve shortbread cookies on linen napkins that match your drapes or display drapes that remind you of a childhood patchwork quilt, farmhouse window treatments allow homeowners to create a comfortable, eclectic and lived-in design style. For residents living in the New York and New Jersey areas, contact Shading Systems to find a window design for your farmhouse style window treatments today.

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