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Installing Plantation Shutters

Posted: Thursday, June 15th, 2017 | Filed under: Interior Shutters, Plantation Shutters
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Plantation ShuttersPopular in southern regions of the United States, plantation shutters originated from 18th and 19th century Greece before integrating into the mansions of wealthy southern plantation owners. This style of window treatments is constructed using louvers; which are angled slates hung at an interval controlling light and airflow. Plantations shutters are used in interiors of homes and also can create curb appeal for exterior use. Plantation shutters are one of the most functional window treatments providing controlled privacy and sunlight, while remaining durable, easily cleanable quality craftsmanship. Before you install plantation shutters, top shading experts provide insight to all your window options from material and frame to style.

What Is the Best Material Shutter For Each Room?

There are far more available options on the market today than the traditional white plantation shutter. Plantation shutters come in various woods, metal, vinyl, and fiberglass. Homeowners can feature wood shutters as natural, stained or painted; the choice of wood depends on style. For example incensed-cedar wood is high quality, surpassing pine, basswood, and teak. Though fungal decay in wood is common, incense cedar is decay and weather-resistant. Polyethylene is ideal for the exterior of homes because it is durable and color fade resistant. This type of plastic can also be used in interior rooms that are high in moisture, which would normally cause wood to warp. For the interior of your home use automated plantation shades, as they provide light control, privacy, and security with the click of a button.

How To Choose Your Shutter Frame

Selecting the size of your plantation shades depends on the room size and on the size of the window within each particular room. Plantation shutters are available in louvers that range from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches wide. Choosing larger louvers reveals more between the slates and is suitable for rooms with higher ceilings, or larger windows such as master bedrooms and living rooms.

There are three panel options to choose from when installing plantation shutters. Full shutters open as one large panel, whereas café style shutters cover half the window up to eye level. Double hung shutters are combination of the two options: full and café, thus opening the top and bottom separately. Full plantation shades provide full privacy, ample amount light, and protect from sun damage. They are ideal for bathrooms or rooms with high traffic.

Other features to consider for your plantation shutters are divider rails, which allow louvers to open and close after placing it at an ideal height. Homeowners can also decide what tilting options they prefer, either front tilt or rear/hidden tilt.

How Much Will Plantation Shutters Cost To Install?

The price of plantation will vary depending on the cut, material and design space.

This type of window treatment is estimated at approximately $3,500, although pricing varies with the complexity of the installation. For standard-sized windows, between 16×20 inches, homeowners can expect to pay $45 for non-wood and $75 for real wood, while larger window dimensions of 48×44 cost $370 for non-wood and upwards of $650 for real wood.

Are Plantation Shutters Easy To Maintain?

Plantation shades require minimal care and easy cleaning. Dust with a soft cloth or feather duster and spot clean when necessary. To preserve shades, avoid pulling the shutter panels open with the tilt rod, as doing so will result in a loss of staples and damage the shades. To swing the panels open, tilt the louvers open, grasp the panel by the end and tug open. Tighten loose louvers that fail to stay open with a screwdriver. For minimal effort and malfunction, plantation shutters are offered in automated shading styles.

Make The Switch to Plantation Shades

Aside from serving as a design staple and functional window accessory piece for centuries, plantation shutters can magnify the value of your home. Also, plantation shutters are the only window treatment that homeowners can finance into the purchase of their homes. These shades provide the ideal stylish, low-maintenance option that can be customized to fit any window. For residents of greater New York and New Jersey who are interested in featuring plantation shutters in your home, contact Shading Systems today.

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