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How to Install Window Shades

Posted: Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Filed under: window shading, Window Treatment Styles, Window Treatment Trends
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How to Install Window ShadesWith proper installation, window shades provide your home with extra style, insulation, and controlled sunlight. Window shades make windows look chic and allow you to gain control of the natural light that is entering your home. You can transform the look and feel of your room by putting the blinds up or down. Pull the blinds up for a warm, bright, eccentric room; or pull the shades the shades down for a calm, cool and peaceful look and feel. To make sure window shades fit properly, let the professionals at Shading Systems walk you through the process.

Necessary Tools

To successfully install your window shades, you will need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Step stool or small ladder
  • Drill
  • Drill bit for screw holes
  • Drill bit to install wall anchors

Of course, you will need whichever shades you purchased. The shades should come with the necessary screws, plastic anchors and brackets you need as well.

Step 1: Installing the Brackets

With a standard window shade, you can mount the brackets on the inside or outside the window frame, or on the ceiling. Measure the distance between the brackets and mark the approximate location with a pencil to make sure they are even with one another.

Next, hold up one bracket and use a pencil to draw marks inside the metal holes to mark where the screws will be in place. Do this to the other side as well. Measure again to make sure the marks for the screw locations align evenly.

Next, pre-drill the holes with the correctly sized drill bit. Afterward, place the wall anchors into the holes you drilled and firmly tap them into the wall.

From here, hold the bracket up and make sure the wall anchors correctly fit in each of the holes on the bracket. Finally, use the screwdriver to install the screws through the bracket and into the wall anchors.

Step 2: Installing the Shade

Place the spring-loaded tip on the end of your shades into the bracket. Insert the hook arms on the opposite side of the shade into the two hook arm receiver holes on the bracket. Next, gently tug on the blinds so that the hook arms lock securely into the bracket. Lastly, install the bracket covers by sliding them onto the bracket until they snap into place.

Step 3: Installing a Tension Device

For cord control shades, a tension device reduces safety hazards. You can eliminate hazards such as strangulation and entanglement of young children or pets with the tension device because it makes to harder to access to the control cord.

Anchor the tension device attached to the shade’s control cord to the window frame or wall, to ensure young children or pets cannot accidentally pull the cord loose and wrap it around their necks. Mark the holes with a pencil but as you did with the brackets. Then, predrill the holes and tap in the wall anchors, as you did with the shades.

Your New Window Shades

Take care of your new shades by dusting them often with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. Enjoy the new chic look of your room, the slight insulation boost, and a safer space for your children and pets. While you may want to try to install window shades by yourself, you should contact a professional instead. Shading experts can ensure that the process runs smoothly without any errors. Contact the experts at Shading Systems Inc. for help selecting window shades for any room in your house.

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