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What are the Best Fall Window Treatments?

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Fall Window TreatmentsThe change of seasons brings the opportunity to embrace fall and decorate your home window treatments with a festival of fall colors, pretty pumpkins and spiced scents of the season. Not only is creating fall window treatments cost-effective and whimsical; it gives outside admirers a chance to become inspired by the nature of the season through your windows. The experts at Shading Systems have some simple ideas that will enhance your windows for fall.

Decorative Fall Foliage

Fluttering leaves are harbingers of autumn. So why not add them to your fall window decorations? You can gather leaves from neighborhood maple trees, sweetgum, sassafras, sourwood and bald cypress trees into your fall décor in a variety of fun ways. For instance, you can place pretty leaf pressings onto the window of your front door. To do this take a thin glass frame and hang it on the main window of your front door. String leaves together to create garland and hang them across the tops of your windows. You can also place the garland around the perimeter of the window and use a tack to hang the garland on the ends of the window.

Another whimsical décor piece is to craft a wreath out of leaves and twigs. You can purchase an inexpensive bare wreath from a local craft store to act as a base. Then, layer autumn leaves into the wreath and hang from your windows. Leaves provide artistic freedom as they are lightweight, colorful and you can sprinkle throughout your fall window treatments to give a finishing touch of festive fun.


While pumpkin carving is an anticipated part of fall, pumpkins also work well into your fall window treatment decorations. For windows that support window planter boxes, you can add various sizes and colored pumpkins and gourds to create a festive and welcoming window display. In addition, the squash will be safely out of reach from animals. To showcase a more festive design, you can spray paint the window boxes in autumn colors such as burnt orange or sepia.

For a fun craft, you can dress up windowpanes by tracing and cutting orange construction paper in the shape of a pumpkin. Then, place a spotlight underneath the windows at night so that your pumpkins reflect and create a spooky glowing effect. You can also purchase inexpensive pumpkin window decals to the inside of your windows.

Plentiful Pine Cones

Whether longleaf, shortleaf, slash or loblolly, each pinecone is different in its shape and size making pinecones ideal for decorating your fall window treatments. Similar to leaves, you can string various pinecones together. Consider crafting a vertical string of pinecone garland to drape on the sides of your window. You can also intertwine leaves to the garland to create a more festive look. You can further preserve pinecones by dipping in semi-gloss paint or spray-painting pinecones prior to hanging them on the window. Outdoor garland looks best when colors coordinate with your home’s shutters or awnings to create a beautiful fall color scheme.

Bails of Hay and Straw

Hay is not just for hayrides or scarecrows. To tie your entire fall window treatment together you can use heaps of long, thin straw and hay to create a decorative arrangement. Hay can serve many purposes to help untie your fall window design. For example, you can use the hay to tie a bow around pumpkins, prop up squash in window boxes, or feature a haystack on your front stoop. You can bury cranberries, corn, and acorns in a hay arrangement to add an extra touch of autumn.

Autumn Lights

As autumnal equinox approaches, you can light up the brisk, autumn nights with Mason jar lanterns. You can choose various sized mason jars in grouping or 1,3 or 5s. First, align mason jars with a thin layer of leaves. You can opt to purchase artificial decorative leaves as they tend to have brighter colors that will not crisp and crumble. Then, use a battery operated flameless candle and place in the center of each jar. Display the mason jars in your bay windows or window boxes. At night, your windows will be lit beautifully for everyone to see.

You can also create a twinkling design piece using natural wood elements. Decorate your windows with lit tree branches by gathering kindling wood or small sized logs and wrapping in white string lights or colored lights in soft amber.

A Fall Focused Window Display

Since autumn a beautiful season, you can easily incorporate natural elements such as pumpkins and pinecones into a fall window treatments. Homeowners can choose to have a different theme for each room or match decorations. Contact the experts at Shading Systems to evaluate your current windows for the fall season today!

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