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A Guide To Thermal Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 | Filed under: thermal window treatments
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Thermal Window Treatments
Are you a homeowner seeking to upgrade your window treatments as the change in weather approaches? If you are not already familiar thermal window treatments work to trap in heat and keep air insulated in your home. But before you select a cozy curtain fabric, or upgrade the window design style of your home for the upcoming months, our window treatment experts explain the basics form and function of thermal window treatments, that won’t leave you out in the cold. Here is your guide to thermal window treatments.

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Many of today’s window coverings go beyond eye-pleasing decoration. Particular shades, shutters, and blinds can all transform a room’s design style, comfort, and feel, without drastically increasing your heating expenses. If you have not done so, consider adding energy-efficient window treatments to your home. Energy-efficient window treatments provide benefits such as keep rooms more comfortable and decreasing costs in the long run.

According to shading experts, many energy-efficient window coverings have R-2 to R-4 insulating values. This means that they’re doubling the insulating value of a standard, premium vinyl window, by the double-pane glass and a low-E coating. But how exactly does this save you money? Installing energy-efficient windows in an average home with 15 windows can save you approximately $150. For homeowners settling down long-term, you can expect payback for the window treatments in about 15 years.

Insulated Window Treatments

Did you know typically fuel and energy costs usually escape by way of the unprotected openings of your windows? This is something homeowners usually seem to overlook and leads to drafts. Consider installing insulated window coverings. Not only is this type of window an alternate money saving method, but also this type of window design is extremely energy-efficient.

Typically people focus on both the view and the privacy that shades provide, and less the actual function. A simple solution to get the most out of your window treatments involves installing insulated window treatments to your home. Similarly, solar windows help insulate your windows while trapping in heat and protect furniture and floors from the sun’s harsh rays.

Thermal Shades and Shutters

For homeowners opting to install window features, insulated shades combine privacy and energy-efficiency. The honeycomb shade can prevent energy loss as effectively as a 1/8 inch of foam installation.
Installing shutters is another way to be energy-efficient. Shutters made of wood and vinyl plantation both act as effective insulators. Furthermore, shutters can tightly fit the windows helping create a weatherproof barrier between the outside and inside temperatures.

Thermally Insulated Drapery

Shading experts categorize insulated window treatments by weave and color. Weaves with closed or tight fabrics are more insulating. In like manner, heavier fabrics such as cotton and velvet are more effective than sheer drapery. When selecting a color, keep in mind that white reflects heat while darker fabrics absorb the heat, locking in the temperature. Thus, homeowners should opt for darker colored window treatments. Draperies are usually composed of three layers. If you are not a fan of dark rooms, simply open the drapes during the day to let the light and heat in. Then, close them at night to keep the heat and privacy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, conventional draperies can reduce heat loss up to 10% in a room, especially if the room already contains heat. Thus, homeowners should keep this window treatments closed during the evening hours. Keeping the drapes closed during the day, when you are not home, can also help prevent heat loss from your home.

Finding Thermal Window Treatments for Your Home

If you desire a shading option that keeps in extra heat, makes your room look beautiful, while saving you money and energy, then look no further than thermal shades. When choosing thermal shades, think about which option pairs best with the size and flow of your space. To determine the ideal thermal window treatment according to your space and budget, contact the professionals at Shading Systems today.

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