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How To Choose The Best Bedroom Window Treatments

Posted: Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 | Filed under: Bedroom Design
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Bedroom Window Treatments

Have you recently moved into a new space? Or perhaps you’re in the process of redesigning your bedroom? Choosing the right window treatments for your bedroom can become overwhelming for homeowners; after all, there are endless style options available on the market. Whether a contemporary, modern or traditional design style, each window treatment provides a unique design aesthetic that will add to your bedroom’s ambiance. The window treatments experts at Shading Systems Inc. can help you narrow down your choices and help you discover the ideal window treatment for your bedroom.

Light Curtains

For a relaxed bedroom feel, consider pairing neutral colored shades with light and airy drapes. You can choose roman shades, which completely cover the window with a beautiful material. These shades are adjustable and feature a nice fold when raised to let light in. Additionally, roman shades can work to block out noise, making them the ideal choice for light sleepers. Roman shades often consist of different prints, materials, and patterns to play off any design style you may have in your bedroom.

Layering Window Treatments

If you desire a mix-and-match look, or you want to create a more romantic feel, you have the option of layering your window treatments. Layers help add dimension by providing texture and character to a room. Aside from dressing up to match décor, layers help control the amount of light you allow inside your bedroom. Different shading systems offer light filtering layers, including sheers and more durable material curtains. For a more upscale and luxurious feel, consider adding silk layers in rich, vibrant colors.

Adding Shutters

If you do not have a lot of space in your bedroom, shutters may be the right option for you. Plantation shutters are wooden blinds, which offer an eye-pleasing structured design. This type of blind offers effective light control and privacy. To keep distracting light from shining into your bedroom, plantation shutters offer maximum privacy. To completely block out light, consider coupling plantation shutters with a dark colored curtain. This will also work to eliminate any light from peeking through. Closed shutters provide plenty of privacy and block light. You can also open the shutters during the day to let the sunlight in. This could help to keep your bedroom warm during the cold winter months, thereby reducing your heating expenses. Keeping the shutters closed during the day in the summer help block sunlight and can also be a cost-effective option for utility bills.

Nevertheless, you can always alter shutters to fit your bedroom’s style. If you prefer your bedroom to look more calm and chic, you may choose painted white wooden shutters. Wooden shutters are typical or a craftsman or farmhouse style. Shutters can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom window treatments.

Completing Your Window Treatment Design With A Valance or Cornice

To add both formal structure and increase height, consider adding a bold statement piece such as a valance or cornice above your bedroom window. Valances are pieces of fabric that homeowners and designers feature as an accent in living rooms or dining rooms. But they can also create a grand and ornate look to use in your master bedroom. Cornices and valances bring together a uniformed finishing touch for your bedroom window treatment, whether for you to enjoy in a master bedroom or for your company to admire in a guestroom. Homeowners can place a cornice at the top of a window treatment. Similar in design to valances, cornices consist of upholstered wood instead of a short curtain.

Valances and cornices also do an amazing job of covering the rods that hold the curtains up. Using tailored curtains will make the room look even more beautiful. Using curtains made from a thick material will add to the upscale theme. If you want to keep your room warm you can close the curtains to keep the heat in. Do you have a large bedroom with high ceilings? If so, consider a valance with drapes.

Designing Your Window Treatments

Before purchasing your bedroom window treatments it is important to consider the best options available that allow you to utilize your space’s full potential. To find out which window treatments will work best with your bedroom dimensions desired style, contact the professionals at Shading Systems Inc today.

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