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Should You Even Bother Installing Window Treatments?

Posted: Friday, December 8th, 2017 | Filed under: window treatments
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Do you have window treatments? Are they functional? Do they complement the design of your space? How much money can you allocate towards improving your window treatments? It is ultimately your choice if you want to invest in decorating your space with window treatments, but these are only a few of the questions that run through a homeowner’s mind. Perhaps the most important question is whether or not you actually need window treatments.

Investing in this design element can open a window of opportunity. You can enhance your living room, dining room, home office or bedroom with some help from window treatments. Whether decorating your house, apartment, loft, dorm, or any place you call “home”, homeowners should consider the following benefits that customized window treatments offer.

Window Treatments Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Simply put, window treatments add aesthetic, creating eye-pleasing dimension to any room. The right curtains or sheers can complement luxurious high-arched windows in a well-lighted room. Installing window treatments can also help to beautify and highlight windows in a drab room with dark empty walls. Furthermore, window treatments are common in homes with darker designs styles such as Bohemian, Victorian or Mid-Century Modern. Furthermore, window treatments are an instant design enhancement, acting as an aesthetically pleasing focal point, by moving the eye away from clutter or unattractive furniture.

You can create a focal wall or have your windows appear larger with a grand window treatment using rich fabric drapery, elegant sheers, and ornamental fixtures. Whatever the purpose of your window treatments, the overall design aesthetic should reflect the design theme of your space. In addition, you can maintain a beautiful aesthetic that is not solely for decoration. Be mindful of how your fabrics, shutters, and fixtures such as tiebacks and rods work together. If your windows remain actively opened or closed, then adhere to the design rule of thumb that form follows function.

You can design a window treatment that pairs with any style of interior design from Minimalistic, Industrial, and Art Deco to Scandinavian, Coastal, and Transitional. Selecting patterned fabrics can also vary depending on the design theme. For example, rustic style alludes to black while white-checkered curtains can be found in a valence above farmhouse sink in a kitchen. Alternatively, a geometric and bright colored pattern can work well in a children’s bathroom. Window decoration style is ultimately a matter of personal preference and the window treatments possibilities are endless.

Window Treatments Provide Privacy

Dwellings can sometimes be in close proximity to one another. This means there is a slight chance that neighbors or passersby can look through your windows. The easiest way to assure more privacy involves installing blinds, shades, or shutters. When doing so, try selecting durable window treatment material such as blackout shades, layers, and structures to completely block privacy. But if you want natural light to flow into your space while still remaining somewhat private, consider hanging thin layers of sheers across a curtain rod. Doing so allows sunlight to permeate through the thinner fabric while still maintaining privacy. Furthermore, you can attach translucent layers alongside your existing curtains.

Window Treatments Prevent Sun Damage

Sunlight peeking through a room can be enjoyable for napping, especially for pets. But did you know that the sun’s UV radiation actually damage the interior of your home? This phenomenon occurs because the sun’s rays eat away at fabric materials and cause colors to fade. Fortunately, window treatments can filter out UV rays from permeating directly into your home, thereby minimizing damage. By installing window treatments, priceless family heirlooms, antique furniture, and flooring will last longer.

Window Treatments Control Room Temperature and Light Exposure

Open floor plans often allow sunlight to spread to all areas of your home. But window treatments function like a shield, preventing strong rays of incoming light. As a result, window treatments help to maintain a comfortable temperature, as your space will begin to cool without direct sunlight. Thus, keeping your blinds, shades, or shutters closed can cool your home by a few degrees during the warm spring and scorching summer months. Likewise, you can use window treatments to insulate the interior of your home and keep heat in intended rooms during the frigid winter months. You will even notice a lower heating and air conditioning bill, courtesy of your new window treatments.

Controlling the amount of light that shines into your bedroom is important in facilitating a good night’s rest so you can wake up feeling restored. Finally, installing window treatments can easily block annoying glare from the television screen.

Are Window Treatments Are Right for You?

Installing window treatments is an easy fix to create privacy, protect from sun damage and control light and temperature. But finding a window treatment that aligns with your space may a bit challenging. Fortunately, the shading professionals at Shading Systems can customize and design window treatments suitable for your budget, lifestyle and personal design preference. Contact a shading professional in the New Jersey and New York areas today.

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