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The Best Window Treatment Blogs of 2017

Posted: Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 | Filed under: window treatments
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shading-best-of-2017Interior design trends evolve year after year. Advancements in style, material, technology, and convenience helped shape and change the interior design landscape in 2017. As the number of days left in the year dwindle, we’ve gathered the top 10 blogs of 2017 to take a look back at just how far window treatment practices have evolved in just one short year.

10). How Long Should Drapes Be?

Are your drapes too short? Or perhaps they are too long? And can the material or style effect the length? Find out which of the 4 types of drapes would look best in your home. Whether you want to create drama or blend elements seamlessly together, our blog will tell homeowners exactly how long the drapes should be in their space.

9). Choosing the Right Window Treatment Accessories

Window treatments come in all shapes and sizes. Aesthetically speaking, choosing the right window treatments accessories can drastically impact the overall design. Certain window treatments look better with rings and rods, while some look better with multifunctional hooks; some require an extra element with decorative tiebacks. Gain insight into what window treatment accessories will work best in your room, in this blog.

8). Spring Window Treatments

As you prepare for your annual spring-cleaning, don’t neglect your window treatments. Whether cleaning or redecorating, this blog is a must-read. Our shading experts share trending colors and patterns to fabrics and eco-friendly textiles.

7). 2017 Shading Technology Trends

Whether you are tech savvy or just learning about breakthroughs in interior design, our experts know the top shading technology trends. Homeowners can find out what they’re missing from simple cordless blinds to remote controlled or smart blinds. Find out how to simplify your home design by reading our blog.

6). The Best Types of Exterior Shades

Are you looking to dress up your outdoor windows but don’t know how to combine protection from the elements while having treatments that are aesthetically pleasing? Our experts provide the latest tips and tricks to create functional and beautiful treatments for your deck, porch, pergola, and patio, in this blog.

5). Bedroom Window Treatments

The right window treatments make a design impression, and especially for bedroom window treatments, they work to provide privacy and control natural light. Our knowledgeable shading experts offer advice on how to accomplish all three factors in our essential guide to bedroom window treatments.

4). Best Window Treatments For Urban Modern Style

Perhaps you’re in the market to create a design feel that is relaxed and comfortable with modern convenience and sleek finishes. In this blog, our experts introduce Urban Modern Style in such a way, that you will be inspired to incorporate it into your space.

3). Fall Window Treatments

Seasonal window décor does not have to be expensive to be appealing. To create a display both you and your neighbors can enjoy, our experts discuss how to incorporate natural elements with lighting, to bring out the true beauty of autumn.

2). Window Treatment Secrets That Sell Your Home

Are you looking to move? Learn the top-selling criteria you need for your home to sell in this captivating blog. From staging your home with décor to enticing buyers with minimal design and neutral colors, certain tips and tricks can maximize your setting potential.

1). Common Window Treatment Concerns

If you’ve never selected or purchased window treatments, installing them may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up common window treatment concerns and packed it into this trusty guide to help homeowners. Read on to gain an understanding of all the fundamentals needed to create a beautiful window treatment design.

Shedding Light On A Bright 2018

As we begin the countdown to 2018, the future looks seemingly bright. With more design styles and emerging technological improvements, 2018 will surely be an exciting year. Be sure to subscribe to our blogs to stay on top of the latest trends. For help designing your space or incorporating your next bright idea into your home, contact a window treatment expert near you today.

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