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Making A Window The Focal Point of Your Room

Posted: Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 | Filed under: window treatments
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Window Focal PointAre you revamping your home with a new style or perhaps staging your house to put on the market. Maybe you’re a new homeowner excited to decorate? From an interior design standpoint, city dwellers across New York can benefit greatly from window treatments; they offer so much more than merely controlling light and privacy. Creating a standout feature in any room is simple since our eyes tend to draw towards natural light. The window professionals at Shading Systems have a few expert design tips to transform a regular window into a stylish focal point and create an overall well-balanced room.

Creating A Window Focal Point In Your NYC Space

The focal point in a room is the area where your eyes first land upon entering the space. For living quarters, the focal point is often a wall with a fireplace. In other rooms, the focal wall is often defined as the wall opposite the entrance into the room; the window, or where a large piece of furniture is placed such as a headboard and bed.

Determining The Right Window Treatment For Each Room

Before you select a design style for curtains, be sure to gauge the size of the room in comparison to the scale of the window. Then determine how you plan to use your windows. For instance, do you open them regularly? Do you have safety concerns for small children or pets? Does your room offer scenic views too beautiful to conceal?

Furthermore, consider the vision you have planned for your space. You may want to create the illusion of a more spacious room, which you can accomplish with the right color or fabric to allow in more light. It’s not necessary for homeowners to have large windows to create a focal point. You can create the illusion of larger windows by installing a curtain rod higher than the height of the window, making your window appear grander. You can establish a focal point in private rooms such as bedrooms, by creating drama with drapes. Doing so will draw attention to your window treatments and away from the rest of the room while still maintaining privacy.

Arranging Furniture Around The Window Focal Point

According to designers, there are various decorating techniques to draw the eye to the window. A simple way to create a focal point is through furniture placement. Consider the “less is more” rule when decorating. Too much clutter will, unfortunately, draw attention away from your windows. When designing a floor plan for seating, position chairs and couches in a way that allows natural light to shine into the room. Homeowners will also find value in using mirrors. Try positioning a mirror opposite your window to add instant style and enhance light reflecting into your room. Moreover, you can form a dramatic focal wall by placing various smaller mirrors adjacent to your window. Doing so will enhance the depth and scale of your room. For smaller rooms or minimalistic design, potted plants along a windowsill work great to draw more attention. For neutral colored walls, your color choice for window fabric can give a slight pop of color and draw the eye in.

Accessorizing Your Window Treatments

You can make a huge statement with your window treatments to ensure they are beautiful by complementing your fabrics with accessories such as rods and tie-backs. These accessories will help draw curtains and reveal a scenic view; blinds and roll up shades to control privacy, and finial fixtures allow you to emphasize your design style. Curtains also function by framing the structure of your window, so the material you choose will determine how much sunlight you allow into the room. For example, sheers allow more light to permeate in than darker drapes.

Making A Statement With Your Window Treatments

The right window focal point has the power to transform a room from drab to eye pleasing. Whether rearranging furniture, adding in a hint of color, or accessorizing your window treatments, it’s easy to create a window focal point that represents both personal flair and design style. Make your house a home by designing a focal point for any room. For residents living in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens, get expert advice in your design process, by contacting a top New York City window professional near you today!

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