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Window Treatment Trends: What Are Blackout Shades?

Posted: Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 | Filed under: Window Treatment Styles, Window Treatment Trends
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blackout shadesNothing is worse than trying to sleep only to be woken up by blinding rays of light shining on your face. Light exposure preventing you from getting sufficient shut-eye is more than an annoyance; it can be harmful to your overall health. Darkness is the biological signal your body needs to determine when to rest. So light exposure at the wrong times of day or night can alter our internal clock. While seemingly benign, lack of sleep can result in poor cognitive memory, judgment, and mood. Especially applicable for those living in New York City, bright lights at night can make it difficult to sleep.

So how do you create a pitch-black sleeping environment? Your best solution is to limit light by installing blackout shades. The experts at Shading Systems Inc. can best advise you how to install, decorate, and enjoy a better night’s sleep with the help of blackout shades.

Why Blackout Shades Are Ideal For New Yorkers

Designed to greatly reduce the light penetrating a room, blackout shades do just that —block out rays of light. While standard shades, featuring one to two layers of fabric can reduce the amount of light; it doesn’t prevent it completely. Blackout fabrics are light resistant because they use multiple layers, sometimes up to five, to completely shield 100% of the light. The functionality results from tightly woven fabric, which is sewn in layers creating a thick barrier. This prevents light from permeating through the material.

Different Styles of Blackout Window Treatments

While some believe blackout curtains must be dark in color, this is not the case. Fabric manufacturers offer blackout curtains in lighter shades such as brown, red, blue, and even white. During installation, be mindful that blackout curtains are heavy and thick, requiring a strong curtain rod to hold them in place. Blackout roller shades, however, allow for optimal light control, simply roll down to block out light entirely. Blackout roller shades are an ideal choice for narrow windows often in basements or smaller spaces. If you are partial to your existing window treatments, blackout liners are an ideal option as they are specifically designed to attach to existing curtains. To ensure an exact fit, measure your windows accurately prior to purchasing blackout liners.

Best Rooms To Install Blackout Shades

Many people immediately think of their bedrooms when considering blackout shades, as the design lends well to every bedroom; controlling light during slumber is invaluable. Blackout shades create the darkest environment possible for falling asleep and is essential for people working night shifts or have outdoor light fixtures near their bedroom window.

Still not convinced of the value that blackout shades can provide? Blackout shades can help new parents improve their newborn’s sleep schedule since babies require approximately 16 hours of sleep each day. Putting your infant to sleep in a dark room can help parents create a sleeping schedule. As children age, blackout shades can help children to sleep in past the first signs of light during wee hours of the morning.

Opting to invest in blackout shades for a media room is beneficial for entertaining or relaxing at home. Do you have a home theatre or man cave in your home? Nothing can interrupt a movie quite like irritating glares on the television screen. When a room’s function involves media viewing, blackout shades can work to create an optimal viewing experience for all.

Any college student will agree that college dorm curtains do not block out sunlight entirely. After a long night of studying, students will not want to wake up before their alarm clock from early morning sunlight.

Live Comfortably In NYC By Installing Blackout Shades

While blackout shades complete light control, the technology and design of window treatments are thick enough to also absorb or dampen noise. Whether you need blackout shades for a media room, require privacy, these window treatments can greatly improve your quality of sleep. For residents living in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens, find the ideal block out shades for your space by contacting a top New York City window professional near you today and sleep soundly tonight.


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