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The Most Popular Types of Windows

Posted: Thursday, February 15th, 2018 | Filed under: Window Treatment Styles, Window Treatment Trends, window treatments
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types of windowsWhether buying your first apartment, remodeling it, or breaking ground on new construction, selecting the right windows that fit your home’s architectural and design style can be difficult and overwhelming. Windows vary in size and style and may differ between residential and commercial projects. The experts at Shading Systems Inc. know the most popular types of windows on the market, their differences, and which will work best for your New York City project.

Using Bay Windows To Create More Space

Bay windows, or sometimes “bow windows,” originate from their consistent use in castles during the early English Renaissance. Today, homeowners install bay windows to maximize natural light within a room. Bay windows typically range from 3 feet to 6 feet, with a 30-45 degree casement. Their size offers a magnificent panoramic view. Homeowners will find that bay windows emphasize floor space and create the illusion of an enlarged room.

Bay windows also create a natural shelf or seating. Many people use bay windows as a quaint seating nook or for small bookshelves. For homeowner’s short on space, installing a bay window offers more interior storage as well.

Arched Windows Catch The Eye

Arched windows derive from Roman architecture and can often be found above entryways. This style of window creates a focal point that catches the eye and gives a room style. From the outside, arched windows enhance a property’s curb appeal, as seen across many of the landmark and historic buildings in Manhattan.

Today, people install arched windows primarily for design rather than for functionality. They get utilized in churches, for example, and give a building an ornate feel. Though some arched window designs can be opened, they usually are installed in places out of arm’s reach. Many arched windows come fixed and do not offer ventilation. In exchange, fixed arched windows have little to no maintenance once installed.

Double Hung Windows In NYC

Double hung windows remain one of the most common types of windows used in the United States today. They consist of two vertical panels that open and close easily. Without any slats or small panes, they clean easily and offer maximum airflow. Due to the fact that they are quite common, double hung windows come with less expensive price tags than other window designs.

Most homebuyers frame double hung windows with vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. Wood window frames, though more expensive, offer more durability when compared to affordable and lower grade vinyl windows.

Choosing The Right Window Style For Your New York City Space

Choosing the right windows in New York City can enhance your living or office space. Ultimately, the style of window you choose should best fit your lifestyle. Residents of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island, NY trust the window experts at Shading Systems Inc. for advice, expertise and installation. Contact the leading window supplier and installer for all your shading solutions today.

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