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Mediterranean Style Window Treatments

Posted: Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 | Filed under: window treatments
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Mediterranean Window TreatmentsLooking to step outside the box and bring in elements of worldly interior design? Incorporating flares of Mediterranean-style with updates as subtle as warm rich colored stucco walls, natural wood or half-circle windows gives your space the flair it deserves.

Mediterranean style window treatments encompass cultural elements from Mediterranean countries, Spain, France, and Italy though many of the countries cultural influences also include Turkey, Cypress, Morocco, and Tunisia. The most well known characteristic of a Mediterranean style home features red tiled roof inspired by Spanish and Mexican architecture. Stucco walls are also common in this architectural style, which protect exterior wall surfaces from rain, sunlight, and hot temperatures, common in Mediterranean climates.

The History of Mediterranean Architecture

Dating back from 1918 to 1940 Mediterranean architecture was quite popular in North America, seeking inspiration after the haciendas in the Spanish New World. The homes featured red tile roofs, arches, and rough plaster made to resemble plastered adobe. This architectural style is frequently seen in states with Spanish histories, such as California and Florida. Step into any Mediterranean design space are you will notice the use of arches, ornamental detail, and ornate carvings on solid wooden doors, and multi-colored tiles on stair risers.

Types of Mediterranean Style Windows To Feature in NYC

When installing Mediterranean style windows into your space, it is important to familiarize the most popular window shapes and evaluate which window style best fits in your interior design. Most styles of windows are casemate, as they provide ample ventilation, important for homes in the hot, dry south and southwestern U.S.

  • Half Circle: This small architectural element sits above casement windows. The half circle detail allowing additional light to permeate through. Sometimes homeowners may install mirrors to accentuate the window. Half circles are typically found on entryways and porches.
  • Quarter Circle: This option gives the appearance of a split half circle. Install two casement windows side by side and top both with a quarter circle window to create the appearance of one large half-circle window.
  • Bay Windows: Mediterranean style homes often have a tower or two with bay windows. The bay windows provide lighting to the interior of the tower. These are usually casement windows with half circle windows to create the desired arched look.
  • Specialty: The most popular window shape in Mediterranean style homes are tall, narrow rounded windows.

Elements of Natural Window Treatment Finishes

Since Mediterranean style homes are found in the south and the southwestern United States, earth tones are popular color palettes for window finishes. Earth tones complement the white and cream-colored stucco that is so often found in homes of this style. You can include shades of these most popular earth tones in your space: sandstone, bronze, brick red, and dark brown.

Natural wood is another popular window finish option. Inside window trim is often stained a beautiful dark color to enhance the look of natural wood. This creates a contrast to the light-colored walls and makes each window its own attractive focal point.

Decorating Your Space with Mediterranean Inspired Finishes and Material

When it comes to style, ideal color choice curtains for Mediterranean window treatments are whites, creams, and other neutral-colored curtains. Since Mediterranean homes often feature colorful walls such as sea green, sand, and earthy orange, interior decorators suggest opting for neutral color palettes in a lightweight material to create an airy feel within your space.

For a rustic old world design style, select more luxurious fabrics to create elegant window treatments. Popular fabrics include velvet, cashmere, silk, and fine brocades. Long, floor-to-ceiling drapery panels are typical of this Mediterranean architectural style. Include similar fabrics in the details of your window treatments whether in sweeping cascades, swags, and jabots. Furthermore, you can tie the entire window treatment together with bronzed metal or wrought iron tiebacks, finials, curtain rods, and grommets. Also, fabric-colored cornices or ornately carved wood cornices are also used to add a custom rustic look to windows.

Bringing Mediterranean Style To New York City

Window treatments direct natural light and can instantly impact the aesthetic of any room. Mediterranean style window treatments use earth tones and a wide range of materials to liven up a space. Learn how you can bring a warm, airy Mediterranean feel into your space. For residents living in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, NY contact a top shading solutions center near you today.

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