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How Choose The Right Colored Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 | Filed under: Color Design, Interior Window Treatments, nyc apartment
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http://www.shadingsystemsinc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/How-Choose-The-Shading-144-Right-Colored-Window-Treatments-1.jpgA focal point of any room, window treatments are available in a plethora of hues, patterns, and textures depending on your personal design preference. Colored window treatments can create a natural, relaxed feel or bring an element of dramatic sophistication—all depending on the textures and color you select. The shading experts at Shading Systems help New Yorkers select the best options and color schemes for your space.

Benefits of Using A Color Wheel For Your NYC Window Treatment Design

A color wheel is a chart that offers basic knowledge of colors, making interior designing your space much easier. The color wheel, broken down into three sections, helps outline what colors pair well with each other. The wheel focuses first on primary colors, then secondary colors, and finally tertiary colors. Here are the major colors decorators should get to know:

  • 3 Primary Colors: Red, yellow and blue
  • 3 Secondary Colors: Green, orange, and purple.
  • 6 Tertiary Colors: Colors created by mixing primary and secondary colors such as blue-green or red-violet.

Interior designers use the color wheel at length to find complementary colors, analogous colors, and triad colors.

  • Complementary colors lie on opposite sides of the color wheel, i.e. red and green allowing you to use complementary colors to create a vibrant appearance.
  • Analogous Colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, i.e. purple and blue. You can use analogous colors together for an eye-pleasing monochromatic look.
  • Triad Colors get spaced evenly around the wheel and usually incorporate three tones instead of two, i.e. green, purple, and orange. Triadic colors create patterns and offer more variation than a two-color system.

How To Decorate with Warm and Bold Colors in Your NYC Window Treatments

Sticking to neutral, “safe” window treatment colors, keeps a room looking simple and potentially boring, preventing your room from its’ design potential. Contrary to what some decorators may believe bold colors do not necessarily make rooms appear smaller or overbearing. With the right color window treatment, bold colors can integrate seamlessly with your space, and help bring new excitement to your room.

Color is transformative! For instance, red adds a great accent color and catches the eye. Whereas, shades of blue bring depth and stability to a room, often working well in bedrooms. Using yellow creates happiness and energy, a color most often used in a kitchen. Many people believe a dark color like black will make a room gloomy, however, black can denote strength, power, and elegance when used correctly. Using bold, deep hues, and rich window treatment colors such as eggplant and merlot, create a luxurious and sophisticated bedroom and living room space.

Incorporating Shades of White in Your NYC Window Treatments

Good old White! White represents purity, coolness, and cleanliness. White window treatments refresh any room and blend seamlessly with any other color tone. People are often surprised how many shades of white are available such as eggshell white, china white, bone white, and cream. White window treatments reflect natural sunlight and brighten a room.

Choosing The Right Color

Colors transform rooms so choosing the right color shade for your window treatments is imperative to garnering your ideal design style and feel within your space. Whether you choose bold and warm, cool and soft, your ideal window treatment color should be a focal point of the room. For residents living in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens contact a top New York window solutions center near you today.


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