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Window Trends: Benefits of Folding Blinds

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shading systems benefits of folding blinds
When it comes to interior decorating, blinds and shades play an essential part in decorating your windows and transforming your home’s overall design. Aside from looking fabulous, folding shades offer advantages absent from other window treatments. The window professionals at Shading systems shed light on exactly why folding shades are a popular choice for many New York City apartments and homes.

Folding Shades Come In A Variety of Styles

Surprisingly, many homeowners may not be aware of the options available when it comes to folding shades. Before you head to the store, consider all your options. Folding shades come in various vibrant colors from patterned to solids, fabrics such as linen, and shapes, all key components to choosing window treatments. Homeowners can opt for folding shades to ensure a style that blends seamlessly into their home design.
Pleated Shades offer an accordion-like design made from paper or fabric. Pleated shades provide homeowners with the flexibility to adjust the cord or add motorized lift feature.

Cellular Shades design uses the same material and function as pleated shades. What differentiates the two is that cellular shades consist of two pieces of fabric, one in the front and one behind, forming a honeycomb pattern. This design creates a circle shape in between fabrics, hence the name cellular shades. Cellular shades are ideal for keeping your home a consistent temperature, especially shade models with a higher thread count.

Roman Shades are popular in many households because they offer a beautiful flat, folded, or waterfall rectangular shape that sits on top of the window. Roman shades derive from the method Romans used to protect their homes from dust during the construction of famous Roman monuments. It was common in Roman households to place a damp cloth above windows to collect dust that infiltrated the air.

Folding Shades Are Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Before making decisions, it’s important to evaluate the purpose of installing blinds on a room-by-room basis. Which rooms in your NYC home need heating more during the winter or need to be kept cooler during the summer? One benefit to choosing folding shades is that their sleek design makes them energy efficient.
As a popular shade option, cellular shades provide an affordable yet stylish option while remaining cost-effective. Cellular shades provide durable, double layered fabric, which insulates windows year-round by way of air pocket design technology; it draws air in thereby insulating the windows so the air cannot escape.

Safety Benefits of Folding Shades

For homeowners with children or pets, it is important to evaluate the safety level each window treatment style provides into your decision-making. Most often, shades are safer than blinds because you can purchase cordless models. For example, cellular shades have a motorized lift feature, leaving it completely cord-free. Homeowners will find folding shades offer a great appearance and offer safety features and benefits so you can trust your children and pets will be safe in a room where folding shades are hung.

Folding Shades Control Light

Unlike blinds, shades do not have the same slat features, allowing for adjustable light exposure. While some homeowners may find this feature useless, others applaud the ability to fully block out rays of light. Folding shades allow color, size, and shape customization allowing the buyer to choose a style to fit and function best in their space. For example, light colors allow more light to filter, whereas a darker color will be better for blackout shading. Manufactures design folding shades using durable fabric which can block more light, versus thin layers of material in blinds where light can permeate through panels.

Installing Folding Shades In Your NYC Home

The beauty of folding shades lies in its versatility to fit into any room. Whether you install folding shades in your living room, bedroom, and bathroom or kitchen, you will find they compliment a wide array of design styles. Along with having an exquisite appearance, folding shades offer safety and cost-saving opportunities. When choosing the next window treatment for the home, consider choosing the advantages of folding shades. Contact a top NYC shading solutions center near your in the greater New York area today to find window treatments guaranteed to fit your window.

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