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The Best Shades For Sunrooms

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best shades for sunrooms
Does the hustle and bustle of life in the big city have you feeling drained? Do you ever wish that you had a warm place to kick back, relax, and curl up with a good book? Look no further than enjoying your very own sunroom!
While sunrooms are great spot to catch some rays without stepping outside, sunrooms often become bright or increasingly hot during the summer months. It doesn’t take much to feel the scorching heat from a sunroom. Don’t believe us? Type accidental sunburn into Google to witness horror stories. Luckily, the window professionals at Shading Systems know how to properly shade your sunroom as you move into spring and summer. Read on or you may soon become the spokesperson for aloe vera sunburn soothing cream!

NYC Interior Decorating Seasonal Challenges

Sunrooms, per their name, receive direct sunlight. The changing seasons create volatile temperatures in sunrooms; so selecting the right shading solution for your New York City home isn’t so simple. During the chilly winter months, the windows in your sunroom may cause a draft; in the blistering summer, it isn’t uncommon for sunrooms to overheat. Thankfully, you have many shading options for all four seasons!

Install Vertical Shades For Maximum Light

Vertical Shades aren’t anything new. Open those shades wide and let the sunshine warm up the room. Similarly, vertical shades close easily and efficiently, thereby preventing light from penetrating the room. You’ll be thankful for this option because it prevents your space from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays might damage any furniture in the room or the room’s wood flooring. Even worse, UV rays can also harm your skin. Sure you won’t develop skin cancer from some sunshine; but if you spend a majority of your time in significant amounts of sunlight, you might expose yourself to life-threatening skin conditions. But with proper shading systems, you can control light levels without sacrificing visibility. Furthermore, these shades help keep your sunroom a few degrees cooler, helping you cut down on energy usage and related costs.

Roman Shades Offer Extra Features

Still not convinced on vertical shades? No problem! You may find roman shades more to your liking. Roman shades essentially allow you to control the light flow of your sunroom. You can retract the shades when you want a bright, sunlit room where you can see outdoors. On the contrary, you can close them to keep the temperature at moderate levels while not in use. Adding customized options like privacy liners, cordless lift systems, motorization, decorative scallops, and trims will further guarantee that your sunroom fits perfectly into your home’s theme.

Modern Retractable Shades In Your NYC Space

Retractable shade’s sleek design is perfect for sunrooms. Both residential and commercial sunrooms struggle with the inherent lack of privacy that naturally results from a glass-walled room. A retractable shading system addresses your privacy needs without rendering the room irrelevant. These modern window treatments allow you to adjust the amount of light permeating throughout the room. They protect your privacy at night when you have the lights on, or during the day when you want a little bit of extra space.

With help motorized controls, you can automate your shades, rather than adjust them by hand. Once implemented, automatic shades open or retract based on temperature, brightness, or other conditions. You can also set a timer to have them open or retract at a certain time each day. Want to use your sunroom outside your normal routine? No problem! You can override the system with the touch of a button on a remote control. Isn’t technology wonderful?

High-Tech Remote Controlled Window Treatments

Technology is the way of the future! You can adjust remote controlled blinds, drapes, and curtains depending on a number of factors: the position of the sun, how much sunlight the room receives, or the overall temperature. When you want to take a tropical vacation, your shades will close off the area until you return. Do you find yourself struggling to adjust your skylights? Consider that issue a thing of the past! Homeowners on the short side can use remote control window treatments for those hard to reach areas.
While New York residents want the ability to enjoy the fantastic view of skyscrapers out their windows, they want the ability to control glare and heat. When paired with a remote, you now have a very easy method for opening or retracting shades with a simple push of the button.

Sheer Shades Blend With Your NYC Window Treatments

Sheer Shades allow a lot of light into your sunroom. Even better, they tend to fit with any interior design style. But if you seek window treatments for more privacy, you may want to look elsewhere. Transparent shades refresh the sunroom and make it inviting and eye-catching. By maximizing natural light, you can take advantage of its many benefits. For instance, did you know that natural light reduces eyestrain, increases attentiveness, and concentration? Did you also know that natural light makes your living environment feel more spacious? Probably not. You too can reap the benefits of natural light with your very own pair of sheer shades!

Woven Window Treatments

One benefit of installing woven window treatments lies in their ability to block out harmful rays and unwanted glares while still allowing you to appreciate the view on the other side of the glass. Woven solar shades come in various shades of opaqueness, allowing you to customize them to your comfort level. Woven window treatments do not typically allow full privacy, but you can order woven solar shades according to what level of “privacy” (or opaqueness) that you prefer.

Finding the Right Shades for Your NYC Sunroom

With most home renovations, many homeowners forget to consider heat factors before installing large windows in a room. Rest assured, you can purchase sunroom shades after the fact, to make up the difference. Sunroom shades offer several useful, and sometimes, surprising features owners will want, especially when trying to manage light and heat. Finding the right type of shades for a sunroom can seem challenging, but it’s well worth your effort in the long run. With a variety of shades available for sunroom rooms, consult your local NYC window treatment solutions center, which offers specified advice for your home. For residents living in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, New York, contact Shading Systems today.

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