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How To Choose Window Treatments For Your NYC Apartment

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Shading Trends 2017Perhaps you’ve bought a new home in New York, or you want to refurbish your old apartment. Before you make plans to throw a housewarming party, be sure you decorated your entire space, more specifically, installing window treatments. Window treatments complete a room tying the theme, style, and color together in a seamless fashion. If you overlook this detail, there are a quite a wide variety of window treatment options to take the interior design of your home to the next level. Let Shading Systems guide you through timeless and chic window treatments styles to consider when designing your NYC space.

Working Wooden Window Treatments Into Your NYC Space

Wooden blinds provide durability, low maintenance cost, and control the lighting in a room. Wood blinds can transform your room from drab to classy, recreate a vintage feel, or create professional appeal in your office. Before you begin decorating, there are two factors, which can help determine the overall aesthetic of wood blinds; the wood and stain you select. Darker wooden blinds tend to attract heat, this is ideal if your NYC apartment does not get direct sunlight, these might be a perfect choice. To enhance your window treatments, consider pairing wooden blinds with coordinating drapes that match your home’s décor. Doing so adds sophistication to any space in your home from dining areas and living rooms to home offices and bedrooms.

Sleep Soundly With Blackout Window Treatments

Blackout shades provide the most privacy while blocking light to help you fall quickly into a slumber. With adequate protection from sunlight, streetlights, neighbors, as well as muffle levels of sounds, blackout window treatments are among the most popular choice for city dwellers. You won’t have to compromise your comfort with blackout shades.

Consider installing blackout shades in bedrooms and other places where you don’t want pesky light pollution. Are you a napper? Or maybe you work the night shift and have trouble falling asleep during the day? Blackout shades allow you to nap during the day without worrying about the heat and sun in your eyes. Do you struggle to sleep when the light comes in through the window? Get a decent night’s sleep without streetlights keeping you up. Blackout shades also work particularly well in nurseries, helping your baby fall asleep or acclimate to standard sleeping hours. Blackout shades work great in TV rooms or home theatres, eliminating unnecessary light so you can jump right into the world of the movie you watch. Finally, to help save some dollars, blackout shades will help cool down a room, lowering your utility bills since you do not have to crank up the air conditioner.

Bamboo Window Treatments

Bamboo window treatments have been trending upwards in recent years. More people continue to invest in wood, natural textures, and earth-toned fabrics to decorate their apartments. Bamboo blinds offer this same aesthetic, and at a more reasonable price. For the environmentally conscious crowd, this style of window treatment is also considered a “green” choice, because bamboo is a sustainable plant. Furthermore, shades using bamboo material offer understated texture, which makes your surrounding décor pop. If you want your guests focusing on the couch or coffee table when they enter a room, these blinds can frame the focal point of the room beautifully. Moreover, bamboo blinds have great durability against changing climate conditions, making them perfect in a city like New York. For walls with flat or neutral colors, bamboo treatments provide character and texture that might not otherwise exist.

Venetian Window Treatments

Venetian blinds block out annoying light to give your New York City apartment the privacy you want. They can also be opened to let in light or raised up to give a full, unadulterated view from your home. Venetian blinds might be the most popular blind style and are found in many modern apartments across the city. A Venetian blind features slatted horizontal strips attached to one above another, strung up in rows. Depending on how it’s being turned, the blinds can open and close easily and you can lift and lower Venetian blinds depending on your mood. Venetian blinds are usually made of metal or vinyl which is important to consider as you probably want your curtains and other window treatments to help emphasize your windows.

Solar Window Treatments

Solar Shades control how much sunlight and heat enter a given space. In essence, solar window treatments, act like sunscreen for your furniture. Solar shades work best for tall windows or living spaces located in high-rise buildings that see a ton of the sun’s rays, making them excellent for New York City apartments. Getting a little “too much” sun, especially if your home has a lot of reflective surfaces leads to hot, bright apartments. The sun’s UV rays can damage your furniture over time or may change the color of your walls. As with all interior design, you can choose from a wide number of colors and materials for your shades, allowing you to combine form and function without having to make concessions on one or the other.

Roller Window Treatments

Roller shades provide a clean, minimal look and feel to your space. Roller window treatments are a great complement to any modern or contemporary home style. Many people add roller shades because of their simple functionality and because roller shades don’t look bulky.

Roller shades control the sun, heat, and glare, making them a functional choice, as well as an aesthetic one. You can customize roller shades to include blackout materials or solar control sunscreen materials, allowing you to take full advantage of other options beyond a simple roller design. This type of window treatment comes in a variety of fabrics that give you the look and feel you need for your home.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Decorating your NYC apartment can be intimidating at first because you want to get the perfect look on the first go around. Luckily, with a wide variety of colors and materials available, you can easily find the right window treatment shades for your home. For residents living in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan, get professional advice about your blinds by contacting the Shading Solutions in New York City today.


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