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Popular Bedroom Window Treatment Trends

Posted: Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 | Filed under: window treatments
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bedroom window treatments

Everything needs a little bit of a refresh every now and then; and your bedroom is no different. In many homes, master bedrooms seem to get the short end of the decorating stick. This is both surprising and disheartening. After all, your bedroom is the first space you see when you wake up, and the last that you see when you drift into dreamland. So how can you incorporate the right design elements to transform your bedroom into an ambient haven? With the right window treatments!

With a wide variety of fabric and design options to customize your personal space, bedroom window treatments are an easy fix when it comes to pulling room elements together to change the look of a room. The window solution experts at Shading Systems share popular bedroom window treatments in order to create your dream bedroom window design.

Incorporate A Minimalist Design In your NYC Space

Minimalist design is ideal for someone who admires clean lines, simplicity and is looking for a more spacious feel. Not to be confused with bare, minimalist design goes hand in hand with modern design. Window treatments in this design style include frosted glass windows without curtains, simple structured valances, gossamer sheers, or wide pleats. Remember that having a minimalist design doesn’t mean you have to forgo pops of color or interesting patterns.

Feature Patterns and Embroidery

Whether you have neutral colored walls or vibrant pops of colors, you can further enhance your window treatments with pretty patterns or ornate embroidery. For example, fun geometric patterns can help to create a focal point on a wall. Also, consider using calming neutral fabrics to balance brighter or most robust colored walls. To add an extra touch of class, opt for embroidered material. For an heir of luxury, you can use embroidered patterns to dress up any window treatment.

Escape NYC With Blackout Shades

New York City is “The city that never sleeps”, which is why city dwellers understand and appreciate the benefits of installing blackout shades. Whether your bedroom is in front of a street lights or Time Square, there’s no easier way to re-energize and block light from entering your window than with durable, noise-sifting, blackout shades.

Add Color For An Instant Transformation

Neutral color palettes such as grey and beige are trending because you can paint any wall or room in your home with these colors. Even better, they’re guaranteed to blend with your existing interior design style. What’s less common, however, is how you can use these subtle colors to help emphasize other parts of the room rather than dulling them as many people assume. For example, busy patterns or dramatic puddling drapes look best against a muted background color.

Alternatively, you can paint a burst of vibrant color to act as an accent wall or paint a bold, repeating block pattern. For more adventurous and daring homeowners, try livening up your space with warmer colors like oranges and red hues. No matter your preference, you can utilize color to make a room pop or balance other colors. If you’re uncertain how to decorate using shades, take a look at your space as a whole and determine which color stands out against your four walls. From there, find a similar color that works in combination with the greater room – this is the color of the shade you want to use. You can even look up “complementary colors” online if you want to see a full list of colors that work well together.

Using Sheer Fabrics In Your Home

Transparent fabrics are considered a standby in interior design because they are functional; they work to create privacy while allowing ample light to permeate. One way to enhance a large window is to use sheer fabric curtains. This creates depth and dimension, which in turn, enhances your room, with elegance.

New Technology In Your Home With Automated Shades

If you’re the type of person who has all the latest tech gadgets, then you’ll find automated window shades are not only high-tech, they are extremely convenient. Instead of manually drawing blinds back and forth or up and down, now with a click of a button you can remotely control your shading system, from your cell phone. And that’s not all! You can add sensors to the automated shading system that maneuver up and down based on any number of factors, including exterior temperature and direct sunlight.

Folding Shades For A Cohesive Style

Folding shades are cohesive with almost every interior design style. Offered in accordion-style pleated shades (honeycomb shades) or Roman shades, these shades stack in an accordion-like fashion when opened. Folding shades function to block out sun. Meanwhile, honeycomb shades or cellular shades, are popular because they offer an efficient and effective design withstanding the test of time.


For an elegant and romantic style, Draperies offer New Yorkers style and class. Unlike other design styles, drapes hang from the wall rather than horizontal window treatments that get installed into the window frame. Drapery systems offer simplicity and a clean look while requiring little maintenance; drapes take an ordinary room and make it appear luxurious instantly.

Consult Shading Systems To Find Your Perfect Window Treatment

Selecting window treatments doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When choosing the right window treatments for the bedroom be sure to evaluate all your options and styles. With years of experience in the field, the professionals at Shading Systems can help you find the best window treatments for your space and interior design style. For residents living in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, NY contact Shading Systems today.

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