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Window Treatment Trends: Blackout Shades

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Room Darkening Shades
A good night’s sleep in New York City comes with some frustrating pitfalls. While the Manhattan Skyline is breathtaking, the noise and morning light may have you reconsider life in the big apple. New York City’s high-rise buildings have no shield from the rays of bright morning light shining into your bedroom window. Fortunately, city dwellers can install blackout shades to combat the bright lights and even deafen the cacophonous street noise. Blackout shades offer a solution for sleepless nights by providing total darkness in your bedroom allowing your body to sleep soundly. Luckily, the window experts at Shading Systems share how you can regain sleep and sanity with blackout shades.

How Blackout Shades Work

Blackout shades prevent any and all outside light from entering the room. A “true” blackout shade will block light using a tight design within the window casing. This type of shade leaves little room between the material and the window structure, maximizing its effectiveness.

Blackout shades work best for individuals living anywhere throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. Additionally, Blackout shades work to maximize the enjoyment of entertainment rooms in your home or apartment where the television or computer screen normally competes with the glare from sunlight. DIY homeowners will quickly realize this home improvement project is more challenging that expected. When shopping for blackout shades, an expert can help determine the best blackout shade length and brand and avoid leaving gaps that ruin the blackout effect. Also, your home could still be settling which typically causes window treatments to shift angles, allowing light to permeate throughout your space. Despite a DIY attempt, this home improvement project is more difficult to carry out on your own, and will likely leave gaps that ruin the blackout effect.

Where To Install Blackout Shades In Your NYC Home

Blackout shades are versatile in virtually every room in your home including nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, or media rooms. Blackout shades are a must for parents with newborns, as the darkness helps the baby adjust to standard sleeping hours while muffling disrupting sounds. Blackout shades are perfect for night owls, who are more productive at night, working late hours and typically spend their days catching up on sleep. In some cases these shades provide homeowners energy efficiency, serving as a light and temperature barrier, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs depending on the season.

Blackout shades also help parents with newborns, as the darkness helps the baby adjust to standard sleeping hours and also muffles disrupting sounds. Blackout shades are perfect for night owls, who are more productive at night, working late hours and typically spend their days catching up on sleep.

Certain blackout shades can allow beacons of light to invade, so when seeking a true blackout shade, opt for light-tight shades. With light-tight shades, you don’t have to be concerned with gaps. This blackout shade design uses side panels to seal off all light from a window set on tracks.

Selecting Blackout Shade Material

Homeowners can customize shades colors, fabrics, and styles to maximize the interior design of your room. While doubling as a blackout shade, their overall design style can be enhanced with the ability to add valances or draperies.

Depending on the brand and fabric, blackout shade may or may not require a liner. A roman shade, cellular shade, wooden shade, or honeycomb shade can also be made into a blackout shade by using block out materials. By hiring a custom window shading company, you can turn almost any design style into a blackout shade, allowing you to find the perfect balance between your sense of design and your need for sleep.

Do Blackout Shades Offer Variations Light Filtration Designs?

With a “true” blackout shade, the light will not enter the room with the shade down. When lifted up, of course, you can easily alter the amount of light entering your room. If you do not want to have a constant blackout with lowered shades, you can select room-darkening shades instead of true blackout shades. Room darkening shades offer different tiers of opacity, ranging from near black only a slight dimming, but they will not specifically block all light from entering the room.

Benefits of Installing Blackout Shades In Your NYC Space

Besides blocking out the light from different rooms, blackout shades improve energy efficiency, keeping warm air from escaping during the winter months and trapping cold air inside during the summer months. Who doesn’t want to reduce their energy bill! Blackout shades use a thick, durable material, which absorbs more noise compared to other window treatment styles.

Motorized Blackout Shades

Advancements in window technology grant homeowners the option to install motorized blackout shades, which can operate from your bed or other locations throughout your home. These shades can also be put on timers so that when you need to rise, your shades can rise as well, allowing you to wake up comfortably. The only drawback with blackout shades might be finding the light switch or remote control. Yes, it gets that dark! Use caution when installing blackout shades in rooms for young unattended children or elderly, the pitch-black could can cause accidents.

Are Blackout Shades For You?

Blackout shades are in-demand for the light-sensitive types who wake easily with outdoor light. Darkness offers sweet relief, day or night, and blackout shades may solve some or your sleep problems. Depending on what type of shading you choose, you have greater flexibility to control the amount of light in any room. Residents living in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens, NY contact Shading Systems to install blackout shades in your home today!

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