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What Are The Best Shades For Skylight Windows?

Posted: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 | Filed under: blackout shades, motorized window treatments, natural light, Skylight Shades, Skylights
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SkylightsGlass skylights can be a great feature for any room, allowing natural light to enter through the ceiling. The downside, however, may bring unwanted heat and glare during those times where you might craze privacy. By adding skylight shades to your ceiling windows, you can control the amount of sunlight that enters throughout the day. During summer months, the ability to control the unwanted heat entering your home or office may help significantly with cooling costs. Because skylights are becoming more popular as a design element, skylight shades are now available in a greater variety of different options and designs.

Skylight blinds and shades are made by a variety of manufacturers including Lutron, Mechoshade, Hunter Douglas and many others. While most skylights come in standardized industry sizes, expert contractors can create customized skylight blinds for irregular-sized windows.

What are Folding Skylight Shades?

Folding shades are a great option for energy efficient window treatments. The accordion-style pleated shades are available in a variety of colors and fabrics to match any décor in your space. Folding shades are broken down into three main types of shades: roman shades, honeycomb shades, and pleated shades.

  1. Roman shades are used to block out the sunlight. What makes Roman shades different from other window shades is that when opened, they stack up evenly. Roman shades don’t have the cell-like honeycomb shades do, but provide great solar control for any room, and are a more popular choice among most homeowners.
  2. Honeycomb shades are accordion-style pleated shades. If you look at these shades from the side, they look like a beehive, hence the name. Honeycomb shades are a great window treatment for both energy efficiency and light control.
  3. Pleated shades are similar to honeycomb shades, except they don’t have the cell. These shades don’t block light fully but offer great style features and privacy. These are ideal for those who want some of the natural light from outside which the other two designs block.

In all three instances, these folding skylight shades are available in a wide variety of fabric and pleat choices, making customization simple.

Do I Really Need Blackout Shades?

If you’re in New York City with constant light entering your home, consider room darkening or even blackout shades for your skylight windows. Installing skylight blinds and shades can be tricky, especially if you’re considering blackout shades, so hiring a professional contractor is in your best interest. Blackout shades are one of the most modern window treatments available today. Providing maximum privacy and protection from the sun, blackout shades bring darkness indoors. Blackout shades also provide protection for the furniture from the sun’s harsh, radiant rays. For those who are sensitive to light while sleeping, blackout shades provide the ultimate in bedroom luxury. Consequently, blackout shades have become very popular in luxury hotels.

Motorized Skylight Shades

Most people don’t think about installing skylight shades because they believe opening and closing them would be challenging (not to mention irritating). Luckily for many homeowners, there are motorized shading control systems that make skylight shades more practical than ever! With motorized skylight shades, you eliminate the need for dealing with dangling, obstructive cords, long cranks or telescopic operating poles, ladders, step stools and other cumbersome methods of manually operating the shade. A motorized system offers the most amount of flexibility especially for very high skylight windows or commercial skylight windows that are hard to reach.

Easily switch between natural room light and glare and heat reduction with the push of a button! Skylight shades are a great way to control the sun exposure and heat coming through the hard-to-reach windows.

Manufacturers offer motorized skylight shades in so many different styles; it’s easy to customize your shades to compliment your room. Some different styles include Roman shades, folding shades, flat roller shades, sloped shades and even exterior skylight shades. Some windows are odd sizes, but many skylight shades can be customized to any shape or size needed.

Motorized skylight shades, or motorized shades. in general. can simplify your operation tremendously. Many architects and homeowners like the freedom to create skylight windows in different sizes, shapes and throughout homes. Now that it’s easy to install motorized shading systems, it’s easy for anyone to control the light and heat entering the house.

Skylight Shades Popularity

Skylights have soared in popularity, and the variety of shade options and styles has grown along with them. Today, skylight shades are readily available in styles including folding, or Roman shades, flat roller shades, sloped shades, pleated shades. There are even options for exterior skylight shades. They can be made in custom shapes, as well, giving designers and architects the freedom to create skylights in any size or shape, secure in the knowledge that a shading control system for it is available. And while motorized control systems can simplify operation, manual and crank operated units are easy to use and perfectly suitable for many locations. Manual units can also provide a cost advantage over motorized controls. There are just an endless amount of different styles to choose from that it is nearly impossible not to find anything for anyone.

Get The Right Skylight Shades

Skylight windows are a great way to invite sunlight into a room. When it comes down to having some privacy installing the right skylight shades can make all the difference. Architects, contractors, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike throughout New York City and the Tri-State region turn to us for window treatments for skylights. It can be a bit difficult to know what kind of skylight shades would best fit your needs. Luckily our shading system professionals can help you determine when and what skylight shade system options are most suitable for your locations, and help you make the right choice of window treatment for your skylight or high window. Contact Shading Systems today!

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