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What Window Treatments Work Well In Offices?

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commercial window treatmentsWhether you are a small business owner moving into a new space or redesigning your existing office space, choosing window treatments for an office setting can be daunting. While seemingly minor, working with a design professional can simplify your selection process from both a functional and a decorative perspective. The experts at Shading Systems offer a variety of different options to determine which window treatments work best in your office setting.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

Before moving forward and picking which window treatment best suited for your office space, here are a few questions that will facilitate the process.

What type of industry is your business?  

To ensure you select the correct type of window treatment, you should keep in mind what kind of setting the office is in on a daily basis.

If your employee’s work on computers all day, they will need diffused lighting so to clearly see their computer screens.  On the other hand, if your employees are building, you will want to have the option to either completely block out natural light or let in as much as you can.

How many people work in the particular area you are decorating and what is the space being used for? 

If you have a large number of employees in one room, then you want to have options to cut down on the heat during the warmer months. In contrast, if the employees will be gathering to meet or review presentations regularly in the space, blackout-shading capabilities are invaluable to keep the room completely dark.

Other important questions for NYC homeowners to consider include:

  • What type of impact do you want your office to have on both employees and visitors?
  • Do you want a space that is filled with calming, natural light and brings the view of trees and grass indoors?
  • Do you work in an urban setting and you want the pulse of the city to be palpable as people work at their desks during the day?
  • Do you want to impress others as soon as they walk through the door?

Taking care of your office space and choosing window treatments that work well with your décor will make a lasting impression on everyone, including yourself.

Modern/Contemporary Look

Characterized by light-filled interiors, clear views of structural elements, and clean and simple interiors, modern architecture continues to influence home design. Moreover, it has become more common for offices to go with a modern look because contemporary styles end up making your space feel and feel fresher. Modern window treatments can be anything from roller shades to folding shades and beyond. But when it comes to selecting window treatments for modern spaces, keeping a balance of style and function in mind will prove particularly useful.  Window treatments that are highly decorative and serve no functional purpose are not suited for your space.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are commonly installed throughout New York City. Since there are a variety of options, most businesses can customize their business brand look and feel. Roller shades also provide a great window treatment for solar control. Roller shades reduce the impact of the sun’s heat, as well as the glare. Offices have used this type of window shade for executives’ offices and conference rooms where projectors or other types of media equipment is used for viewing purposes. With a wide variety of fabrics and styles available, customization is always an option as well. This flexibility makes roller shades one of the most popular sellers in the shading market.

Folding Shades

Folding Shades are a classic, yet timeless style that strikes a balance between formality and tailored elegance. NYC homeowners can fold these handy and versatile window treatments easily, and install them into hard-to-reach places with less effort. Folding shades come in a few styles such as Roman Shades, such as honeycomb shades or cellular shades, or other accordion-style options. Folding shades are fully customizable which can be designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your shading needs you can use different fabrics, opacities and pleats such as canvas, woven, acrylic, polyester yarn and other material, which is stretched tightly over an aluminum structure. This structure allows folding shades to repel rain and unwanted sun with little effort.

Motorized Shades

Motorized window treatments allow you to tilt, open and close your blinds or shades with just the push of a button, or even with a tap of your phone. Using a seamless, motorized window shade against your glass windows gives a contemporary, clean feel to your office. There are many options, styles, and fabrics available if you’re looking to customize as well. More recently, many manufacturers have begun offering “green” fabrics as well. This is a great idea for those trying to be eco-friendly.

Motorized shades have become very popular over the last few years because of their continence. Motorized shades are very convenient and can allow you to open and close your window treatments at the touch of a button. Luckily, most window treatments, including roller shades, blackout shades, and other shades offer that customizable option.

Blackout Shades

Are you tired of the sun’s harsh rays invading your personal space? After all, no one likes being bothered by harsh sunlight while trying to get some work done. Many places such as universities, museums, and other large businesses have chosen partial offices and spaces to use blackout shades. Hotels also customize their draperies to include a blackout panel as well. Commercial blackout shades are used throughout business across the country and are very popular in NYC spaces. Depending on our business “look” and style choose from a variety of window treatments including draperies, honeycomb shades, folding shades and more.

Finding the Right Window Treatment

Remember, with a well thought out office décor, and the right choices in windows and window shading your staff will be more productive. They won’t feel trapped in a dark space or stop work because of headaches due to sun glare. How your employees feel and the enthusiasm with which they come to work can be greatly attributed to their surroundings in the office, which is why it is valuable to hire a professional commercial space decorator in order to get the most value out of your space. With years of experience, the contractors at Shading Systems Inc can help you choose the window treatment to fit into your space.

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