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Why Do I Need Motorized Shades?

Posted: Thursday, September 13th, 2018 | Filed under: modern window treatments, motorized window treatments
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Motorized ShadesSmart-home technology has come to the world of window treatments, with programmable timers raising and lowering your blinds and shades at the perfect hours during the day. With custom motorized window treatments, you won’t have to spend time going all through your home to lower blinds against the scorching sun. Instead, your programmable motorized window treatment system does all the blind- and shade-lowering for you, creating a comfy environment and saving you a fortune in energy costs. Moreover, motorized shades give you control over the volume of light in each of your rooms.

Especially invaluable while you’re away on vacation, motorized shades add an extra layer of safety to your home, giving the appearance that someone is in the house and deterring robbers from targeting your home. Thinking about investing in motorized shades? Here are some essential tips that will help make your decision easier.

What is Hands Free Technology?

It’s all about convenience. Motorized shades allow you to operate your window coverings by remote control in whichever room you choose. Button, button, who’s got the button? Simplify your life by pressing a button to open and close your window shades. Not only do motorized shades simplify your everyday opening and closing of shades, but you can also increase your home’s energy efficiency by setting a timer on your window shades. Open and close them at desired hours when the sun is bursting through your NYC Madison Avenue facing window or if you want to enjoy a spring breeze throughout the apartment.

Sometimes larger windows pose problems with more traditional window shades. Both tall and wide windows can be difficult to cover with window treatments, primarily because blinds become too heavy to open and close on larger windows. Other types of window treatments aren’t customizable where as motorized window shades can resolve these concerns. Use motorized shades in your home for a sophisticated look and a simple functionality

Simple Clean Window Treatment Design

The benefits don’t end here. Aside from convenience, motorized shades provide the ultimate sophistication to your home by adding a clean look and feel. Designed based on simplicity, the straight lines add an unexpected sophistication to your room. Stop messing around with cords and wands when you have the ability to clean up your window treatments with an easy remote control. You’ll find that your motorized window treatments come in many different styles including Roman shades, folding shades, flat roller shades, sloped shades, and honeycomb shades, all in a wide variety of materials and colors. With all the different types of shades to choose from, it’s easy to choose motorized window shades for their clean, simple interior décor.

Motorized Window Treatments Improves Your Home Security

As a homeowner your security is job #1. Keeping your blinds closed twenty-four hours a day when away on vacation can tip off burglars that your home is unoccupied. Installing motorized shades won’t prevent criminals from breaking into your home but setting the shades to open and close at a certain time will give off the illusion that someone is home.

Do Motorized Shades Provide Safety?

Speaking of safety, you or a family member won’t have to climb up onto stepstools or stepladders to reach high-up blinds or shades. Who needs a telescoping pole to hook onto a shade’s pull? With no safety-risk dangling cords that can pose a danger to children, you won’t have to risk falls or injuries just to lower a shade. A motorized window treatment system makes your home a safer place, and it’s quite fun to impress guests when you push your remote control button for instant window transformations before their eyes!

Protect Furniture, Floors, and Art with Motorized Shades

Motorized shades can protect your furniture, floors, and any artwork that you might have hanging around the house from the scorching sun’s damaging rays. Over time the sun’s rays can fade the pigment of these items. By having motorized shades, you can set the shades to go down when the sun is at its strongest, preventing any fading. As an added bonus, when sunlight streams onto certain types of wood flooring and wood furniture, the sun’s harmful UV rays can bleach those surfaces. Your motorized window treatments can block those harmful sunrays from fading your valuable floors and furniture, adding years to those investments, all without worry and hassle.

Are Motorized Window Treatments a Must?

Protective, practical, and cost-effective, it’s no wonder why so many NYC homeowners install motorized window treatments. Are you still thinking about investing in motorized window treatments? Great because the benefits are clear, and now is the to make the investment. Contact Shading Systems to find out more about motorized shades!

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