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Interior Vs. Exterior Window Shades

Posted: Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 | Filed under: exterior shades, interior design, Interior Shutters, Window Treatment Styles
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Interior vs Exterior Window TreatmentsWindow treatments offer endless design options. Since some homeowners find shading solutions so alluring, they redesign a room around the windows! If you’re already in love with your current décor, you can find window treatments that fit the theme and feel of the room in a blink of an eye. The best way to approach your window treatment search involves analyzing the room before determining your preferred option. Do you want interior window treatments or exterior window treatments?

The choice isn’t easy because both offer a great number of benefits for many homeowners in the New York Area. But which option will spruce up your space? The experts at Shading Systems broke down the basics of interior and exterior window shades to make the selection process easier.

What Are The Benefits of Exterior Window Treatments?

Exterior window treatments offer both economic and environmental benefits. These shades also allow you to control unwanted sunlight or glare issues. Most exterior shades rest on any window or patio around your house to control solar heat rays. With the simple touch of a button, motorized shades open and close without you having to get up from your seat. But the benefits don’t end there! Homeowners can program motorized exterior shades to open and close at a specific time, even if you’re not home!

By installing exterior window shades, you can significantly reduce cooling costs inside your home, while creating a pleasant atmosphere for your patio or sunroom. The solar screen fabrics reduce heat transfer and keep your home cool during those blistering summer days. Outdoor shades also reduce the glare and help block UV rays. This helpful function allows NYC homeowners to enjoy a relaxing sunny afternoon without having to worry about painful sunburns.

What Are The Benefit of Interior Window Shades?

Did you know that interior window shades are one of the most common window treatments that homeowners seek when decorating or renovating their homes? Interior window shades offer NYC homeowners a blend of convenience, practicality, and beauty. Moreover, interior window shades add that final touch to a room and can make it stand out. Interior window shades can block out sunlight, which many homeowners in the New York area already crave. With endless options to choose from, you can change the inside window treatments as often as you would like.

What Are The Best Areas For Exterior Window Shades?

External shades work best for skylights, sunrooms, greenhouses, and other locations that contain large areas with glass and windows. But homeowners don’t have to limit their design choices; instead, they can install these treatments on any window! You can choose from exterior roll-up screens, fixed panels, curving systems, or retractable awnings. This last option flawlessly protects decks, patios, or other outdoor living spaces.

Different Type of Interior Window Shades

When deciding which type of shading you prefer, narrow down the options by asking yourself a few questions about the space. Do you envision traditional blinds or heavy drapery? Would you like soft natural light or no light at all? Think about the primary use of the room: do you want a space to relax, do you want to enjoy the breathtaking outdoor view, or do you want to maximize energy efficiency?

Internal shading systems come in a wide selection of designs and styles such as Roman shades, accordion-style pleated shades, honeycomb shades, and rolling shades, which include solar shades, privacy shades, and blackout shades. Internal shades come in a variety of fabrics and design choices, enabling you to match your shades to your style.

You can choose to completely block out 100% of all light with Light-Tight Shades, which seal the edges of the blinds to prevent light from seeping in. Blackout shades do not have these side channels but do offer darkening properties that can block up to 99% of natural light.

Where to Look For Inspiration

Sometimes knowing where to look for inspiration will help you find the answers to tough decisions. As a homeowner, a bit of research can help you determine whether you should buy interior or exterior window shades. As a starting point, try visiting Houzz. Houzz features real-life pictures, informative articles, product recommendations, and open forums to talk with other homeowners about their experiences.

You may also find a trove of inspiration on Pinterest.  Pinterest is an online pinboard where individuals can upload images as well as post tag articles based on uploaded pictures. As a Pinterest user, you can create boards where you can pin pictures to stay organized. Pinterest has a lot of interior window shade inspirations as well as exterior window inspirations that can help homeowners decide the best option for their home.

Choosing The Right Window Shade For Your Home

Whether you choose an interior or exterior shade system for your home, either choice will provide NYC homeowners with optimal satisfaction. Both options have positive and negative aspects to them it all depends on your overarching goals. Contact a top New York City shading solutions center near your in the greater New York area today to find great interior and exterior window shades guaranteed to fit both your window and all your needs.


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