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New Window Treatments For NYC Homes

Posted: Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 | Filed under: Home Design, nyc apartment, NYC window treatments, Types of window treatments
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NYC Window TreatmentsWhether renovating your home or starting from the ground up, window treatments add an important touch to any home’s look. Selecting different types of window treatments that correspond with it should immediately follow choosing a window type. Style, shapes, size, and location of the window will all determine the type of window coverings necessary for a particular room. Arched and angled windows will allow the warm sun to enter during the winter months, but how will you keep the heat out during summer?

If your customized window faces the sun in the morning, should you consider privacy shades? What type of window coverings will agree with your style and serve as a practical window shade?

Planning Ahead

With construction, whether remodeling or building a new home, it’s important to plan ahead for window treatments. Taking time to identify the types of window treatments and window coverings for your home, before construction finishes, will result in a more cost-effective and practical outcome. Since window treatment selection can be difficult due the variety of options, the benefits of deciding on the type of window covering during construction are endless.

Window treatments should complement type of windows you’re covering, or the furniture in the room. Larger windows may require extra framing to accommodate the extra weight of the selected large window shade. The wood block should be a certain thickness based on the window treatments you choose.

Popular Choices for New Window Treatments

Motorized shades have become a popular choice for homeowners, integrating lighting, audio visual, home automation and even home theater systems. Who wouldn’t want to control their window shades with the touch of a button? Installing motorized window shades during construction can help cut costs in comparison to adding the option after construction whether you live on Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and somewhere else in New York City.

We can’t forget about bamboo shades! More and more people now turn to wood, natural textures, and fabrics to decorate their homes. Homeowners choose to “go green” because bamboo is environmentally friendly and sustainable. For walls using flat or neutral colors, bamboo treatments give them character and texture that might not otherwise exist.

Don’t count cellular shades out just yet. These window treatments offer energy efficiency, durability, and a modern feel to your space. Even better, you won’t have difficulty matching your décor because you can choose from many different fabrics and colors. . You can also add draperies or curtains to the outside for a different look and feel, depending on your personal touch. Draperies are another great popular choice that many have started to gravitate towards because they offer a host of benefits. The thicker material from these shades help heat the room. When looking for new window shades for your living space, keep these trends in mind for they will add more to the space that you initially anticipated.

Choosing Color Schemes

Color schemes are an important element when selecting new window treatments. If you are looking for something neutral, whites, off-whites, and creams are usually the best choices. These colors go well with almost any kind of furniture as well as a wall’s color. Neutral colors also can give off the illusion of a room looking bigger than what it actually is.

Homeowners can also choose from rich colors and patterns to spice up the surrounding area. These window treatments can really add that extra pop of color to the room while offering privacy and preventing the sun seep in as well.

Asking Questions About Different Window Shades

As the homeowner, you should prepare a list of questions ahead of time, such as what will go with what room style and are privacy shades a good option. Bring your vision to life. A window treatment company should be able to answer all your questions as well as make suggests that best fit your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; you’ll save precious time and avoid making costly mistakes.

Choosing the Right New Window Treatments For Your NYC Home

Picking out new window treatments for your NYC home can feel daunting because of the hundreds of designs to choose from. As long as you plan ahead, the process should be easy and smooth. If you are living in the greater New York City area, contact Shading Systems to help you make choosing window treatments for your home a smooth easy process.

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