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Picking A Window Treatment For Your Nursery

Posted: Thursday, November 8th, 2018 | Filed under: blackout shades, Color Design, Nursery Window Treatments
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Nursery WindowsCongratulations, you’re pregnant! In just a few short months, a beautiful baby girl or boy will enter your life, which means you have to start planning for the nursery. Picking the wall color, furniture, and baby tables are a must but don’t forget about picking your window treatments! You’ll need something safe, affordable, durable, and, of course, attractive. Needless to say, you’ll need to think carefully before making a commitment. Let the experts at Shading Systems take a load off with this helpful guide to choosing window treatments for a nursery.

Black It Out

You’ve sung “Rockabye Baby” for hours, and your fussy little one still won’t sleep. Getting your little one to sail off into dreamland isn’t always a walk in the park, which is why you don’t want the sun cutting a nap short. Blackout curtains will block out that pesky light that leaves your baby awake and shrieking. Now, we know what you’re thinking—you don’t want black curtains darkening up your nursery. But these window treatments won’t clash against the pastels and bright colors.

Surprise, surprise, blackout curtains don’t have to come in black. Blackout curtains actually come in a variety of colors and patterns, from baby blue or pink to stars, elephants, monster trucks, and more! The dark color does not block out the sun, rather, the weave within the fabric does. Keep your infant snoozing with these curtains, without compromising the theme of your nursery.

It’s Time To Go Cordless

You have one priority as a parent: to keep your child safe. The little nugget won’t be an infant forever; before you know it, they’ll learn how to crawl all around the nursery. During playtime, a tiny tugging on curtain cord can spell disaster with a capital D. Want to play it safer? Choose a cordless option for your nursery.

Operating these treatments isn’t difficult as they use a springing system. Simply push or pull the installed shade up or down. The days of getting caught and tangled in a cord are long gone. You already have enough frustrations while parenting; why add that unnecessary cord to the list?

Say “No” to Tension Rods

While convenient, tension rods in the nursery are a big no-no! As they are not screwed into the wall, one mighty tug from your toddler will have it come crashing down. Moreover, tension rods combined with floor-length curtains are double trouble. Young children tend to grasp for anything in sight, and the curtains are no exception. Play it safe, and get that rod screwed in as soon as possible!

Can You Fold Your Window Treatments?

Floor-length curtains practical invite your newborn to grab and tug. But what if you really want that down to the floor look? Unless plan on washing your curtains on a semi-weekly basis, opt for window treatments that are easy to fold up and away from those adorable little hands. You can let them down while your child is safe in their crib, as they will also help block out the sunlight in this fashion. But be sure to fold them right back up when its playtime and your toddler is crawling on the loose, for both their safety and your sanity.

Stick to Your Style

Each of these curtain options comes in a large variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles. The right set of curtains can complement your nursery room’s theme with ease. Don’t save your search for the right curtains for the last minute, they should be one of the first aesthetic decisions you make.

A key part of your nursery room’s style is the fabric choice, as you want it to match and complement those elements throughout the room. However, you cannot choose fabric based on looks alone. You need durability. Some materials, such as silk, become susceptible to sun rot and may not withstand the test of time. Remember, you want window treatments that will maintain its use for a long time.

As soon as your little one arrives, you’ll find yourself spending countless hours in the nursery, which will remain their living space from when they are infants to toddlers. With these suggestions, you are well on your way to becoming an expert in window treatments for your nursery. More importantly, you’ll create a safe and pleasant room for your child to wake up to every morning. Can’t decide on a window treatment, or need more advice? Contact Shading Systems today!

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