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Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Posted: Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 | Filed under: Kitchen Window Treatments, privacy window treatments
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Kitchen WindowsAt times your kitchen sees more activity than Grand Central Station during 9 am rush hour. From cooking meals, packing lunches, feasting on dinners, to socializing, you want a pleasant environment that you feel comfortable in. With a little help from alluring window treatments, your kitchen will soon have that pleasant ambiance that you seek. We at Shading Systems Inc. are here to help you with some suggestions, as well as some helpful tips to give your kitchen windows the makeover it needs!

How Much Exposure To Cooking?

The first step to determining the right window treatment for your kitchen is to estimate how the cost and how much space they will take up. Where are they located? By the sink, where they will be exposed to steam, running water, and discarded food? Or perhaps close to the stove, enduring intense heat, spitting oil, or, god forbid, gets caught in the burner? Will your curtains hang by the counter where you will prepare food? All of these places are so-called “splash zones,” areas that will likely lead to your window treatments getting dirty.

Your best option would be to invest in blinds rather than shades. Faux wood blinds are a great option because they’re easy to clean, affordable, and have that touch of elegance to really make your kitchen windows pop. However, they may not match the aesthetic you’re looking for. You can’t mix together conflicting colors, patterns, and elements; otherwise, your kitchen will look like a tornado just it. Instead, you want something that seamlessly weaves each element in the area together.

Good-Bye Nosy Neighbors

You never realize exactly how much your neighbors can see through your kitchen window until you look through it yourself. Granted your neighbors don’t want to see you dancing around your kitchen any more than you want them to. Save both of you the trouble, and get some Kitchen Window Shades. Roman shades are particularly ideal for this purpose while simultaneously adding a nice color or pattern to brighten up the room. Woven wood shades can also keep out onlookers while adding more texture to the room. As an alternative, you can invest in roller shades to completely cover up and keep wandering eyes at bay.

Let The Sun Shine Into Your Kitchen

Natural lighting tends to make your kitchen sparkle. You don’t want curtains blocking any of that light from your kitchen. With roller shades, you can just push them up to the top of the window, so they hardly cover any of the glass, letting in all of that vitamin D. Sure, faux wood blinds can be brought up with a cord, but with roller shades there is no pesky cord to get caught on a handle, or in your mixer. Roller shades also have a modern look, portraying clean lines and an orderly household. Roman shades and woven wood shades are not as easy to lift and are therefore less than ideal for your kitchen.

Free Window Treatment Samples?!

Most fabric and curtain stores will offer you free Window Treatment samples of the product. If not, don’t be afraid to ask. The lighting in the store will most likely be different from what you have inside your home as the store’s harsh white lights will give you a different impression on the fabric than the natural lighting from your windows. Bring the samples home to compare how they look in your kitchen to get a better idea of what you want for the final product. Plus, you can always hold onto ones you decided not to use for the future. You never know when they may come in handy!

You have so many options when it comes to your kitchen’s window treatments, each with their own up and downs. Here’s the rundown of everything so far:

  • Roman Shades: Stylish and classy, but don’t always let the sun in and can get into the splash zone
  • Woven Wooden Shades: Add a touch of texture, but again, not as much sun, can get dirty
  • Faux Wooden Blinds: Easy to clean, and easy to let in that sun, but may not be the look you want
  • Roller shades: Cheaper look, and easy to tuck away.

Prepare To Select your Window Treatments

You are now prepared to begin your search for just the right window treatment for your kitchen! These options come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you are bound to find the one that is just right for you and your home. Need more assistance with these choices? Contact us! We, the experts at Shading Systems, are here to answer any and all of your window-related questions.

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