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The Best Window Treatments for College Dorm Rooms

Posted: Thursday, December 6th, 2018 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, interior design
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College Dorm WindowsMom’s crying, Dad’s excited, and you are nervous as hell.  Move in day at into college is an important milestone that many parent dreads and most students look forward to. Free from Mommy and Daddy’s rules, and the world is your oyster. Despite the tiny closet like living space, living in a dorm room is a special time in every student’s college experience. Your goal is to make your home away from home as comfortable as possible, and window treatments play a crucial role in customizing and enhancing your dorm room.

For college students looking to give their dorm room a unique personal flair, here are some ideas for the best window treatments for college dorm rooms.

Add Valances to Your Dorm Room

Most dorm rooms come with simple white blinds over the windows. For some, that’s all they really need. But what if you want to incorporate your own personal touch to your space start by adding a valance. Valances come in all different shapes, fabric, and colors, which make them perfect for unique customization. Embellish your windows with white lace and beads, leopard print, or even stars. While light can sneak in through the blinds, valances reduce light coming in through the top while adding a touch of unique style to your bare dorm room.

Hang Black Out Curtains in Your Dorm Room

After a long night at the library (or fraternity party), college kids aren’t’ interested in seeing sunlight come early morning. The solution? Invest in some black out curtains because the weave in these curtains effectively blocks annoying sunlight. Don’t worry, just because they are black out curtains does not mean that they have to be black. In fact, black out curtains come in a variety of colors such as blue, red, gray, and much more. Furthermore, black out shades are easy to fold them up, so that you can let the sun in when you’re not snoozing.

Install Tension Rods to Your Dorm Room

A huge part of the dorm-decorating process you have to remember: you don’t own it. You cannot screw in a rod for your favorite curtains from home or the perfect shades that go with your comforter. That’s why students should buy tension rods. You can place tension rods at the top of a window, putting pressure between the small sectors of walls. They are an easy way to place your shades, curtains, or other window treatments.

If you cannot obtain tension rods, or there are no walls for you to place it between, you can try using command hooks. Command hooks easily stick to your dorm room’s walls. Furthermore, command hooks aren’t exclusive to window treatments. In fact, students use command hooks to hang decorations from the walls of your dorm such as signs, picture frames, or canvases. Most window treatments will have loops on them that you can place over the hook, allowing you to place multiple hooks along the top of the wall over your window. You will have to tie them rather than push them along a rod, but they would certainly get the job done.

Customize Your College Dorm Room With Window Treatments

Moving into a dorm room can feel intimidating for many incoming college freshmen. You already have enough to worry about with all of the classes, tests, and socializing, why worry about your decorations and window treatments? Have more questions about what window treatment is right for your home away from home? Call the experts at Shading Systems today!

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