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Easy Ways to Redo A Room on a Budget

Posted: Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 | Filed under: Color Design, Interior Decorating, interior design, window treatments
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Budget DesignYou might be bored with your old room or perhaps you have grown out of the style. Trends and your personal style is constantly evolving, and sometimes we just want a change. However, redoing your room can be extremely expensive. It is hard to justify spending a lot of money on room updates, especially when there’s nothing wrong with it. It is possible to make some easy, affordable changes that will dramatically alter your room. Try these easy ways to redo your room on a budget:

1.  Color is Everything

Color is everything. It creates the room’s mood, lighting, and overall look. There are easy ways to quickly and drastically change your room’s color, which changes the room’s entire mood, without doing much work. Go for the opposite of what you have now to truly spice up your space. If your room is plain and white now, add a pop of color with vibrant red or yellow. If you have warmer colors currently, consider switching to cool tones such as blue or teal green. Once you have chosen a new color for your room, find simple ways to add it in!

Paint is the more obvious option. Painting your bedroom walls a different color is an easy and affordable way to transform your room. The great thing about a simple paint job is that it allows you to keep the rest of your furniture and decor in the room the same while making a big difference. Pick up a can of paint you like, lay down some tape, and have fun painting with friends. Less obviously, you can incorporate a new color into your curtains to make a big change. Floor-length curtains make a huge difference in your room, especially with a new color.

2. Window Treatments

Window treatments are a key way to update your room. A room’s window treatments can be a statement piece for space and immediately grab guest’s attention. When choosing the right window treatment to complete your space, it is essential to decide what kind of atmosphere you are attempting to create. If you want to create a more warm and cozy bedroom, consider shutters, room darkening curtains, neutral colored curtains, and layering curtains with blinds.

If you want a fresh and new atmosphere to your room, certain window treatments can easily add create it. Sheer curtains, matchstick blinds, slider windows, and valances are all simple design elements that transform a room without forcing you to make a ton of other costly changes. You may also want to change your youthful bedroom into a more sophisticated, classic space as you are getting older. Without spending a fortune on elegant room decor, you can make some simple switches to your window treatments. Try adding floor-to-ceiling drapes, silky drapes, balloon shades, frills, and ruffled drapes, or simply add gold or metal rods to give your room a more mature feel.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the simplest and most effective ways to redo your room on a budget is to rearrange what you already have. Simply moving around your desk, dresser, bed, or wall art can transform your space and leave people thinking you have made major changes. It also costs zero dollars to move around what you already have! The advantage to this redo method is that if you are not pleased with it, you can switch it back or differently without having wasted any money.

4. Add Wall Art

Adding wall art is a simple way to redesign your room. Include posters, pictures, or prints that fit the style you want to incorporate into your new room. A lot of wall art is very inexpensive and can give your room a whole new aesthetic. Some DIY projects include wall art which costs little to no money. Art says a lot about somebody and can say a lot about your space. Keep the furniture you have, but try just simply incorporating new wall decor to change up your space.

Redoing your room doesn’t have to be impossible and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It should be a fun and easy project. By repainting, adding a new window treatment, rearranging your furniture, or hanging up some new wall art, you can transform your room on a budget. Try any of these tips to easily redesign your room and create a space your happy to call yours!

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