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Debunking Common Shutter Myths

Posted: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 | Filed under: room darkening window treatments, window shutters, Wood Shutters
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Common Shutter MythsIf you’re looking to add a classic rustic accent to your living space, shutters are time tested and gorgeous solution that may help refine and improve the flow of your home. There are a lot of myths surrounding the installation of shutters. Pervasive though many of them are, Shading Systems has found that they are largely unfounded. Shutters are a perfect and often overlooked shading solution for most homes. This article addresses and debunks the myths surrounding home shutter installation. Be sure to follow Shading Systems blog for more tips and tricks.

Myth: Shutters Are Too Expensive

While it’s true that shutters are more expensive than the run of the mill blinds, by no means does that make them exorbitantly expensive. Consider the fact that blinds are not permanent fixtures. Rather, they are temporary (if inferior) shading solutions that don’t last particularly long, break easily, and generally add less to the aesthetic theme of your home. Shutters, on the other hand, have maximum durability. They come in a wide variety of styles and can help you achieve the desired look of your home. You can go with a raw wood to give your space a rustic barn house look, painted polished white for a modern spin, or anything in between. The aesthetic options are endless.

Myth: Shutters Only Work in Old Homes

It’s certainly true that many older antique homes make use of interior and exterior shutters. That said, the clean crisp lines of well-appointed window shutters allow them to be seamlessly integrated into any room. Whether you’re looking to add some chic modern flair or bolster the vintage wood-paneled look of an antique home, shuttered window treatments are a no-brainer.

Myth: Shutters Make for a Fun Simple DIY Job

Unless you or someone in your home is a contractor, installing shutters on your own is ill-advised. Installing shutters involves careful measurements, thorough consideration of angles and heights, and a slew of other precise considerations. Measurements have to be exact if you’re trying to get a perfect snug fit and achieve the desired look. Failure to measure carefully and place things precisely could result in window damage. The end result could be disastrous and will almost certainly fall short of what you were expecting. So please, if you’re thinking of spicing up your home with shutters, let a professional install them.

Myth: Shutters Block Out Too Much Light

This is a persistent myth perpetuated by homeowners. The expressed purpose of shutters is to block out light and to provide additional privacy. However, much like traditional blinds, shutters can swing open to let in all the light that the window they’re built into will allow. Additionally, most shutters have slats that open and close to let in as much light you want without swinging the shutters open all tougher. To sum up, homeowners can adjust shutter to let in as much or as little light as you need to accentuate the warmth of your home.

The Beauty and Aesthetics of Window Shutters

Shutters are fantastic window treatments. Although they’re a bit more expensive than traditional blinds, when you take into account how much longer they last, and how much more they add aesthetically to your home, springing for some beautiful window shutters is the way to go. To learn more about home shutter installation, and to find the pair of shutters that work best for you, check out Shading Systems online.

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